I am home alone this morning. I got out of bed thinking of the washing, cleaning and the decluttering that needs to be done, then I made a decision to add another TO DO to the top of the list and start my day with a little me time. I know this will help me tackle everything else on the list.

This recipe of self-care tools only takes 30 minutes to execute and will leave you feeling ready to face the Saturday To Do List or it may be the perfect reward at the end of a busy day... and if you haven’t got the time make sure you book some time with you during the week to give it a go.

You will need the following tools from your Wellness Toolbox..

Tool #1 Water
Tool #2 Breathe
Tool #3 Music - Peaceful playlist
Tool #5 Essential Oils
Tool #9 Daily Self Care - Himalayan Salt Bath
Tool #13 Self Help Books
Tool #15 Gratitude
Tool #21 Kindness
Tool #26 Me (That’s You)

Step 1. Run a lovely warm bath and add some Himalayan Salts (I buy Westland Salts from Amazon - £15ish for 5kg)
Step 2. Add your favourite essential oils. Today I chose Elevate by DoTerra to help motivate me.

Whilst the bath is running...
Step 3. Turn on your Positive and/or Peaceful Playlist.
Step 4. Pour a glass of water to sip whilst having the bath
Step 5. (optional) Pick a book that you can read whilst having the bath. Today I chose this lovely Calm book that contains relaxation exercises.

When the bath is ready for you...

Step 6. Get in the bath, lie back, do some simple breathing exercises to help you relax and enjoy...

Step 7. Be grateful for this time and also say Thank You to you for doing this.

(I have a 20 minute bath when using the Himalayan salts but if you have more time then take full advantage and stay for as long as you want to...)

Be KIND to YOU. Always.

Now to tackle the kitchen and the pile of washing... Have a great Saturday all x

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