The reason I share my tools in My Wellness Toolbox is to encourage you to discover the tools for your very own Wellness Toolbox.

The chances are you already have a number of tools to put in it. The next step is to acknowledge that they are your wellness tools, that you are in control of them and you can choose when to use them to support you and your well-being.

So here are a few extra tips to help you discover, fill and use Your Wellness Toolbox;

1. Keep it simple.

Start off by writing a list of positive coping mechanisms you already use in your daily routine and/or activities you enjoy that calm or uplift you.

For example,

🎵 I always turn my positive playlist on my way to the office, especially when I have a busy day ahead.

📰 I do not watch the news or read newspapers when going through stressful periods and challenging times.   

🚶🏻‍♀️ I love walking and talking, a good natter with a friend is always guaranteed to make us both feel better.

✍️ I enjoy writing and try to journal at least twice a week.

💆🏼‍♀️ A good massage therapy always uplifts me.


2. Visualise Your Tools in Your Wellness Toolbox.

Acknowledge that everything on Your list is one of your Tools and place them visually in Your Wellness Toolbox.

3. Use Your Tools Pro-actively.

 Now you have acknowledged these are the tools that help and support you, use them and be grateful for them.

 Do not just use Your Tools during the challenging times to make you feel better, also use them pro-actively with the aim of heading into the challenging times more positively.

4. Share & Discover New Tools.

As you go through Your every-day seek out new tools that make you feel good, boost your confidence and encourage a positive mind. it is when I share my tools with others that I tend to discover new Power tools.

 …and every-time you find a new tool, add it to Your Wellness Toolbox... as it is now with you for life ☺️🙌🏻


You can buy a paperback copy of My Wellness Toolbox direct from me via https://mywellnesstoolbox.co.uk/ or on Amazon. eBook & Audiobook are also available