It’s Monday, it’s raining... do rainy days & Monday’s always get you down? (Carpenters song now playing in my head... most likely for the rest of the day 🙄)

For some, Monday’s and rain alone can trigger stress, worry, anxiety and the dread that today is going to be a bad day.

Since birth you have most likely been taught by a number of influences that Monday’s are tough and rain is grey and miserable.

If you have been taught it (most likely unintentionally) by parents, family, teachers... the media... you most likely believed it and therefore it most likely has become your reality. Your brain is wired to feel negative at just the thought of Monday’s and rainy days... this will then trigger the thought patterns and behaviours that don’t make you feel good... and the negative cycle begins...

So WHAT IF you can break that cycle?

WHAT IF we pull out Tool #20 and learn something new, rewire your thought process, change your thinking and retrain your brain...

WHAT IF we pull out Tool #9 and add some extra Daily Self Care to Monday morning routines to start the day on a positive note...

WHAT IF we pull out Tool #15 and be thankful for the rain. Be grateful for what it helps and not what you feel it hinders.

WHAT IF on a Monday we choose to put on our sparkly boots and dance in the rain...

Thats exactly what my 2 year old wanted to do this morning. She put her wellies on (the wrong way around) and stood at the back door asking to play in the rain.

I initially said “No, Mummy’s got to do her (Monday) jobs and we can’t play in the rain”... and as I walked back to the kitchen I challenged my own answer.


Why do I have to do my jobs now? (I don’t)

Why can’t we play in the rain? (We can)


What will happen if the jobs are not done right now? (nothing - the world won’t stop)

What will happen if we get wet in the rain? (nothing - we won’t dissolve)

I realised I am teaching my forever absorbing 2 year old that we can’t have fun on Monday mornings or play in the rain... Why? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I turned back around, put on my shoes, opened the back door and we went and jumped in muddy puddles. It put the biggest smile on her little face and Tool #23 Laughter came flying out for us both... even when she decided to take her sparkly boots off as she wanted to run around on the wet grass in her socks... 😬 but, hey, why not?! 😂

I challenge you at some point today to go and jump in muddy puddles, dance in the rain...  or do something silly that will make you smile and turn your Monday the right way up.

Oh that’s right, it’s Monday, so you haven’t got the time? It’s takes seconds to jump in a puddle... 

WHAT IF you could love your Monday’s & Rainy days?!

Never underestimate that Tool #26 ME (That’s YOU) can make the changes and choices to start loving them... or at least like them a little more than you do right now. Just watch what positive impact it has on YOU.

Have a great day x