How easily affected are you by one persons opinion?

“There are 7.7 billion people in the world and the only persons opinion about your life that truly matters, is yours, so make it a good one” (Ali Swift 2021)

As a published Author of two self-development books I have received many incredible 5 & 4 star reviews (aka opinions), especially for ‘My Wellness Toolbox’, they have made me dance on the ceiling, rubbed my ego like it’s never been rubbed before. Yet I have also received a few 3 & 2 star reviews (aka opinions) that, if I’m honest, made me feel a little flat at the time I read them, I wanted to reach out to the reviewers and understand their thoughts more. Ego deflated. People pleaser alert!!!

Then shortly after I released ‘Your Wellness Toolbox’ I received my first 1 star review… and guess what… it really helped me! It really did.

It reaffirmed everything I have learned on my healing journey since 2019. It confirmed that I have let go of so many of the people pleaser traits and the fears of judgement that have held me back. It made me realise I have healed. I am listening to my soul not my ego. Finally!!! I no longer need external validation. The pseudo-therapeutic tools (as the 1 star reviewer described them) have really worked!!! Kinda brings new meaning to “fake it til you make it” 😉💥

The individual that wrote the 1 star review is a professional book reviewer, entitled to their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions, they actively seek the opportunity to share them… and I respect that. This 1 star review is also neatly sandwiched between two 4 star reviews… both as valid as the 1 star… and both make me grin cheek to cheek as they both found the book so helpful that they want to share it with friends (ego bubbling a little).

I wrote both books to help at least one person. Mission accomplished. Writing them also helped me heal when I didn’t realise I needed to!! The power of writing. Good for my soul.

The life experiences and beliefs of a reviewer will impact on how they experience and interpret my books (and me) and also how many of the forty tools they choose to try. As I always harp on about… everyone’s toolboxes will be different… take the tools from my toolbox that will work for you and ignore those that don’t tickle your fancy.

The same with the people in your life, their own life experiences and traumas, the support and love (or not) they had growing up, their own limiting beliefs etc etc etc…. will impact their opinions and judgements about you. So their review on you is more about them not you. Good or bad.

“There are 7.7 billion people in the world and the only persons opinion about your life (or book) that truly matters is yours, so make it a good one”