Your Wellness Toolbox 2021

Day 31 / 365

This week someone said to me “You are like superwoman, how do you do it all? ....I wish I could manage it all like you do!!”

My answer - “It depends on what your all is?”

A few weeks ago I was drowning in my own all.

The list of all I had created.

The list of expectations I had set myself.

The list of all and expectations that are often driven by fear of judgment, limiting beliefs and our perception of how everyone else is doing it.

My list of all resulted in me feeling under pressure, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. Resulting in me not giving my all.

So, I dramatically changed my list of all. I took a step back and wrote a list of priorities, focusing on what I NEEDED to do. What a difference it made to my week.

I can honestly say as I walked around my house yesterday (see pics) the state of it did not bother me (don’t tell Swifty or the kids this) because this week “keeping on top of the chores” wasn’t on my list of all. I removed that from my list and guess what - nothing bad has happened, the world has not ended. In fact as I took the photos I was smiling, I get so worked up about mess but actually I should be grateful for the fact we can make mess!

So, when you see me doing it all, what do you see me doing?

This week it would not have been cleaning my house, washing clothes daily, doing a full week of home-schooling, putting my children to bed, walking the dog, eating three healthy balanced meals a day, speaking to my Mum or Sister (Dad got lucky this week), connecting with my friends, spending quality time with my husband, fulfilling all the appointments in my diary, studying, doing the amount of self-care I encourage others to do... they used to all be on my list all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I kicked ass this week! I had super woman moments for sure. I’m feeling proud of many things, but I can guarantee I will not have met YOUR list of all.

Please don’t watch others successes and think that they are doing YOUR all, I certainly won’t be.

Please don’t watch others successes and feel like you are failing in some way. You won’t be.

Please don’t compare others successes to yours. Last week I shared Holly Millers quote that we are all on different chapters. You may be on your Chapter 1 and I’m on my Chapter 20 (or vice versa)... and we are all here for different reasons and different experiences.

Oh... and please do not judge me on those washing piles... I promise it has been added to next weeks all list. 😅

I also have no idea why there is a random toilet roll on the dining table?! 

I’ll do my all for this week. You do your all for this week. If we don’t, it’s all ok.

We will all be much happier when we don’t try to be all to all, all of the time.

You are AMAZING! Have a self-care Sunday and make your all easier 💫

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