This weekend I’ve pulled out Tool #9 ‘Daily Self Care’ and Tool #16 Let Go & Release Techniques, and took myself on a declutter mission.
3 bedrooms down, 1 more to go... and lots of great clothes, bags, other random “stuff” and even a baby monitor to donate to the Charity Shop (there goes Tool #21 Kindness flying by...)

It’s also amazing what I’ve found, including a precious necklace I thought I had lost over a year ago, I had tears of joy when I found it “in a safe place”.

Decluttering “stuff” also helps declutter the mind and can be really good for your well-being. It’s making space for new and positive things to come into your life.

...and at the the bottom of our wardrobe I found ‘THE Anxiety Boots”.

Just before I hit rock bottom I was desperate for an answer, as I searched the internet I came across a book that guaranteed would remove my anxiety within weeks, and if within 28 days I wasn’t “cured” I could claim a “no quibble refund”. It cost £130!!!

This is not the kind of money I had to spend on a book, but I was anxious, tired, vulnerable and desperate and so I bought it on my credit card. It arrived a few days later.

It was heavy, it was thick, it was detailed, it was complicated... it was scientific... it made me more anxious! I decided to go to the hassle of returning it and fortunately I did get my money back. At the point I received my refund I had actually paid the credit card bill... I had also hit rock bottom which had led to me starting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Tool #6), so was starting to feel better in myself. So I made a decision to take the £130 “bonus money” 🧐 and treat myself to some lovely new boots. These were the boots. I haven’t actually worn them for over 10 years as the toes curled up and need repairing, but they have always reminded me of how well I did at that time, how I didn’t let the anxiety beat me... so I haven’t let them go. They have moved house with me 7 times!!!

However, today I questioned why I was holding on to them, yes they remind me of how well I did, but they also represent the past, it’s time to let them go...

...and make some space for some new shiny boots 👢😂 (because I haven’t got enough pairs already 🧐😅)

I actually closed one eye as I pushed them into the charity bag and wondered if I should just get them repaired as they are lovely boots. This may sound ridiculous to some of you reading this, but this was a big step to boot them out (excuse the pun!) as they represent a huge achievement in my life and I felt a little emotional. Then I actually felt a sense of relief, it was as if I’ve finally let go of that period of time in my life that no longer serves me. About bloody time!!

What are you holding on to from your past and why? Is it time to pull out tool #16 and release and let it go?! It may be just what you need to move forward or simply put a smile on your face 😄

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