It was pay day yesterday. It’s the last day of my holiday today. So it was a no brainer to pull out the magical duo that is Tool #9 Daily Self Care and Tool #19 Massage Therapies and book in a lovely relaxing facial at one of my favourite places. It was soothing. It was relaxing. It was amazing.

As we have been away from home for 4 weeks I have been feeling a little apprehensive about bursting the holiday bubble that we have been floating around in for so long to head home to the “normal” routine... and packing has never been my most favourite holiday task. Meh. (I can feel the eye rolls from here 😅).

I walked in to The Treatment Room feeling a little on edge as the “Heading home - got loads to sort - To Do list” had been running through my mind. Yet one hour later, not only do I have a hydrated face and loosened shoulders, I have left feeling uplifted, looking forward to enjoying the final evening of our holiday and extremely lucky for the fact I have so much stuff to pack and a caravan to clean from top to bottom. We are extremely lucky and I really do appreciate that I was able to spend the summer with the kids in our happy place. Tool #15 Gratitude comes flying out once more for so many reasons.

Tool #19 is one of the few tools in My Wellness Toolbox that costs money, therefore it doesn’t get as much use as many of the other tools. Yet when I do get the chance to pull it out, it is worth every penny and has such a positive impact on my mind and emotions.

Is this a tool in Your Wellness Toolbox? If so... go get booked in!! 💆🏼‍♀️

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