Last week I was driving along, thinking about the meeting I was heading to. I was feeling excited, so much so for a second I questioned wether it could actually be anxiety rising... I quickly put a stop to that negative train of thought. Something I feel I have mastered once more.

I felt free as I drove along the open road, the positive playlist filling the car and my mind. Smiling. I started to reflect on the past few months and the plans ahead. I feel energised, I feel ready, I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited. All the hard work feels so worth it.

Such a contrast to just over 1 year ago when I stood in a meeting, creating something exciting for my business, yet I remember staring at the whiteboard thinking “What is the actual point to any of this?”. Those thoughts scared me so much and it led me to spiral, intrusive thoughts started to take over. Within days I felt trapped inside my own head again, daily anxiety and panic becoming the norm. Driving along roads, especially when alone, was just one of the many things on the list I had become fearful of, again.

So, I got the help I needed. I talked. I accepted. I released. I let go. I pulled out all the tools I needed. I got better.

No matter how trapped you feel inside your own head right now, or within the four walls of your own home, or the situation you find yourself in, you can and will be back on that open road again soon, heading in the direction you want to go, moving forward, feeling excited, feeling content, feeling happy.

That may seem impossible right now, I thought the same a year ago, yet when we connect, talk, accept, let go and use the tools that are good for us, the impossibles can become possible sooner than we think.

Please take care and have a wonderful week...

Stay safe 💫

Photo credit: Illiya Vjestica

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