Sometimes your positive people pop up and appear when you least expect it... when you most need it... and they make a huge impact on improving your mental health without even realising!!

Today I introduce Lee Jones, Chairman of Silhillians RUFC.

I have known Lee for many years, yet I’ve never really known him, if that makes sense. More of an acquaintance, friend of a friends husband etc etc... that changed this year.

Four years ago I remember being told by one of his best friends wives (who happens to be my lifelong friend), that he had been seriously injured during a rugby game, she was beyond worried about him. He was more than injured. Lee had sustained a life changing injury, he was left paralysed from the chest down.

He doesn’t know this, I don’t think my friend does, but shortly after hearing his news I phoned my Dad seeking some kind of reassurance, he has worked in the Rugby world for many years and has some understanding of this type of injury. I asked “What does this injury mean, will he be ok?. My Dads response “It really does depend on him and his recovery journey”.

Four years later I would find out how true that short response was.

During lockdown in May I arranged to chat with Lee on The Wellness Wednesday Show, supported by his great friend Jim Roper. Lee kindly agreed to share his experience of his life changing injury and how it has impacted not only his mental and physical health but his whole life and that of his family. He also talked about how the support of the Rugby community has been a huge part of his recovery. Well... it kinda blew me away.

You really have to listen to the podcast to gain some understanding of his experience, his strength and his mindset (link to the podcast is at the bottom)

For me, it was more than gaining understanding, I gained so much perspective at a time I needed it. My conversation with Lee led to another milestone in my recovery this year to overcome anxiety once more. At the time I spoke to Lee I had been working on “living in the present moment”, since that conversation I have actually lived in the present moment. I finally got it.

He also talked about how music had played an important part in his recovery - If I can dream by Elvis helped him through intensive care and rehabilitation. That song has since been added to my positive playlist. It never fails to give me goosebumps.

Since our chat, Lee and I have stayed in touch and I have been promoting the Sils Sirens - the women’s team at Silhillians - every week on The Wellness Wednesday show. That’s a whole team of positive people in one place. Last week Lee announced to the team, which came as a huge surprise to me, that I am now an Associate Vice President of Silhillians RUFC. I feel so honoured... and not quite sure what I have done to deserve it... but I can’t wait to spend more time at the club when we are allowed.

And that right there is the power of a positive person!! Someone who inspires you so much simply through the power of sharing their experience and then continues to support you on your journey, just because.

Thank You Lee. I know you don’t realise how inspiring you are... you are life changing kinda inspiring. Thank you ❤️

Who has inspired you? Who supports you? Have you added them to Your Wellness Toolbox?

You can listen to the podcast with Jim & Lee via this link

Have a positive Wednesday xx