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Tool #16 Let Go & Release Techniques

Yup I’ve been talking to those pebbles again!! For those of you who have read the book you will know that Tool #16 is one of the most powerful tools in My Wellness Toolbox. Let it Go & Release techniques can even be used pro-actively to stop the small stuff becoming the big stuff... and the feeling of relief when that pebble has ‘gone’ can sometimes be instant. Also, in moments of need just running a small pebble between your fingers can make you feel calmer. That’s why I also call them Positivity Pebbles.....except for the one that my 5 year old dropped on my foot shortly after this picture was taken, I can assure you nothing positive was released...

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Tool #26 ME (That’s YOU)

Tool #26 ME (That’s YOU) A few weeks ago when I was telling a friend that I was not renewing my IT contract, taking time out from Reiki & Coaching and spending the summer at the caravan and, most importantly, making the children priority, her eyes rolled back and she said ”Why are you so lucky?!”. Once again someone attempting/making someone else feel guilty for being able to do something they wish they could do. This isn’t personal. I know that. I witness it happening all of the time. I am lucky. I feel lucky. Yet this is not all down to luck. I am also a very hard worker, personally, professionally and emotionally. I have been for at least...

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