Listen to the Wellness Wednesday Show

I've found this to be the easiest way to listen to Podcasts. Instructions below how to subscribe to the Solihull Radio Podcast using Playapod app.

1. Download Playapod:

iTunes -

Google Play -

2. Click the 'Three lines' button in the top left hand corner of the application and select 'My Subscriptions' from the drop down. 

3. Click the '+' as shown below dependant on whether you have an Apple or Android (Google Play) app:
Apple: The '+' is located at the top of the screen in the menu bar :
Android (Google Play): The '+' is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:
4. When prompted, Enter the following and click 'Add':
5. Download the Wellness Wednesday show (and other Solihull radio shows!) and Check back each week for the latest episode! (No need to repeat steps 1-4 above - just load the playapod app!)