Your Swift Healing Reiki Level One

Your Swift Healing Reiki Level One Training & Attunement provides an introductory level of Reiki and is suitable for beginners. 

No previous experience or knowledge of Reiki is required to attend. 
Usui Reiki Level One (also referred to as First Degree Reiki) is for those who are ready to learn Reiki for self-healing and for those who would also like to progress to learn Usui Reiki Level Two to support the healing of others.

During your one-day training session and level one attunement, you can expect to...

∞ Answer the question; “What is Reiki?”
∞ Learn about the history of Reiki
∞ Discover the Reiki Principles
∞ Learn about the different levels of Reiki attunement
∞ Discuss what Reiki can be used for
∞ Consider the links between the body and the mind
∞ Learn about Chakras
∞ Explore how Reiki feels for you and others
∞ Learn the practice of Self-healing
∞ Practice giving yourself Reiki
∞ Gain an understanding of how to give Reiki to others
∞ Practice how to give Reiki to another person
∞ Find out about your Reiki Lineage
You can also begin your own exploration of Reiki as part of your personal spiritual
development, we will start to discuss and learn about the following:
∞ Grounding and Protection
∞ Using Crystals in Reiki
∞ Cleansing Your Aura & Energy Fields

Maximum 4 students at each training day.
All training is at Spaburbia in Solihull (B92 9JT) 

Total cost - £222 per student.

Price includes one day face to face training (approx 7 hours), Reiki Level 1 attunement, training materials, and refreshments. All students also receive a 10% discount off all Ali Swift books and wellness tools available from the online store.