One thing I have learned fast from my experience of Covid is that every day is different, as one symptom moves on another arrives, I can’t deny it has brought some variety to this experience!!

At the risk of making Covid-19 sound attractive in anyway - it is certainly not something I would wish for again - one of the symptoms I don’t mind and that has remained quite consistent is the “fits of giggles”. I literally can’t stop laughing at the smallest of things... and I mean full on belly laughs that result in tears running down my face.

Yesterday I must have sent the “Scott Chegg” Facebook joke to more than 10 different whatsapp groups, I couldn’t get enough of it and each time it was as funny as the first time. The laughing actually hurt. In fact this morning, just the thought of it had me going again... and now typing out the name again has had me in fits.

My sense of humour has definitely not failed. Last year I was worried I’d lost it for good, it is back in abundance.

My bestie actually messaged and asked what medicine they are giving me after I sent a giggling voice note 😅

I’ve even googled “Is giggling a symptom of Covid”. Funnily enough I couldn’t find anything on that 🤦‍♀️😂

Laughter is Tool #23 in My Wellness Toolbox... and regardless of the reason or the cause it has been helping me through my Covid experience.

Maybe Laughter could be the best medicine to get you through today... even lockdown?

What can you do today to find some laughter?

Have a great weekend x

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