#1 My Wellness Toolbox

My Wellness Toolbox is an innovative and amusing guide on how author and real-life example, Ali Swift, learned to cope and overcome her crippling anxiety. Contained within the book are 26 tools Ali has collected along the highs and lows of her journey. These include: Water, Daily Self Care, NO, Gratitude, and Affirmations.  

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#2 Your Wellness Toolbox

Release Date 28th January 2021


Book Formats

Paperback - Paperback books can be purchased directly from Ali by clicking here.

Alternatively they can be purchased from Troubador, Amazon and other popular Book retailers worldwide.

E-Book - The E-Book versions are available to purchase from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and other popular E-Book retailers. Links to Amazon and Apple stores are below.

Audiobook - Thanks to the kindness of Solihull Radio there is also an Audiobook version of My Wellness Toolbox available. This can be purchased by clicking here