Your Swift Healing New & Full Moon Circle


Now I am a certified Moonologist they are even better than before!!
Who would like a magical experience filled with connection, support and healing ~ whilst learning how to work with the phases, cycles, and energies of the Moon, to align your life, release the past and supercharge your manifesting abilities?

Then you should come and join Your Swift Healing Moon Circles ONLINE on the following dates:

🌑 New Moon - Wed 10th Jan ~ 8-9pm
🌕 Full Moon - Wed 26th Jan ~ 8-9pm
🌑 New Moon - Thurs 8th Feb ~ 8-9pm
🌕 Full Moon - Thurs 22nd Feb ~ 8-9pm
🌑 New Moon - Mon 11th Mar ~ 8-9pm
🌕 Full Moon - Mon 25th Mar ~ 8-9pm

🌑 New Moon - Mon 8th Apr ~ 7-8pm
🌕 Full Moon - Mon 22nd Apr ~ 7-8pm
🌑 New Moon - Tues 7th May ~ 7-8pm
🌕 Full Moon - Thurs 23rd May ~ 7-8pm
🌑 New Moon - Thurs 6th June ~ 7-8pm
🌕 Full Moon - Thurs 20th June ~ 7-8pm 

During the New Moon Circle, we will replenish our healing and wellness toolboxes with practices that empower us to manifest our desires, create affirmations, journal, plant seeds of intention, and connect with supportive individuals.
The Full Moon Circle will equip us with the tools to release and let go. We will declutter, tie up loose ends, express gratitude, and most importantly, have a safe space to openly share and process our emotions.

The circles will also include lots of moon learning, crystal chat and Oracle Cards… all supercharged with Reiki Love ✨

New Moon Circles - £22 per session (Pay as you go)
Full Moon Circles - £22 per session (Pay as you go)
New Moon & Full Moon Circles per month - £33 (for two sessions when booked and paid together for the same month)
Block of 6 sessions - £88 😮 I KNOW!!!!! (Paid in advance)

If you are unable to attend a date all sessions are recorded and sent direct to your inbox.
When booking multiple sessions choose the first date you will attend in booking system - I will work out the rest.

*Note to all Reiki L2 Diploma students and Soul Session clients - remember these are included as a bonus, so make sure you book on.

New Moon Circle - £22
Full Moon Circle -  £22
New Moon & Full Moon Circle - £33 (for two circles when pre booked and paid for at same time) 
All Six Circles - £88 (for all six circles when prebooked and paid for at same time)