Your Swift Healing New & Full Moon Circle

Join Ali this September, October, and November for a magical experience filled with connection, support and healing ~ aligned with the changing seasons.

As we say farewell to summer and welcome the autumnal months, it becomes imperative to prioritise our emotional well-being, especially if you are facing challenging times.

Ali understands the importance of self-care, self-love and self-compassion during challenging times, such as a relationship breakdown or the loss of a loved one… or maybe yourself!!

These circles have been designed using Ali’s lived experience and all that she has learned (and continues to learn) on her healing journey, she will be sharing the valuable tools that are helping her navigate stress and overwhelm that arise in our daily life and as she faces divorce.

It is also vital to stay connected with like-minded individuals who can bring tremendous comfort and inspiration. All of Ali’s circles come with a bucket load of compassion and understanding.

Each month, Ali invites you to participate in ‘Your Swift Healing New Moon Circle’ and ‘Your Swift Healing Full Moon Circle’. Thoughtfully scheduled in alignment with the moon cycles (and Ali’s busy diary).

During the New Moon Circle, we will replenish our healing and wellness toolboxes with practices that empower us to manifest our desires, create affirmations, journal, plant seeds of intention, and connect with supportive individuals.

The Full Moon Circle will equip us with the power tools to release and let go. We will declutter, tie up loose ends, express gratitude, and most importantly, have a safe space to openly share and process our emotions.

Join Ali for either one or both sessions per month.

New Moon Circle - £22
Full Moon Circle -  £22
New Moon & Full Moon Circle - £33
For two sessions when booked together for the same month.

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