...and it is little bizarre 😅

Day 6 isolating in my bedroom and I felt I needed a change of scenery and something to uplift me, so I headed for a bath. I always drop some essential oils into the running water. As I did I noticed I couldn’t smell the beautiful aroma that normally smacks me in the face. I took a big sniff straight from the bottle. Nothing. No smell. Nothing.

So then I went and planted my face in a bag of cheese and onion crisps (always by my side when I’m poorly sick). No one can miss that smell!!! Nothing. No smell. Nothing.

Quite taken aback by this revelation I headed to my shelf of beautiful perfumes... I sprayed my favourite Chanel on my arm... and nothing. Zero smell. Nothing. WTAF?!

My nose feels normal. Not stuffy. Not runny. Just normal. I hadn’t even noticed that at some point today I have lost one of my five senses.

For a little moment it made me feel anxious as the What If?!?! thoughts arrived... “What if that’s my sense of smell gone for good?” - then I quickly gave myself the reality check required!!

I am so lucky that I’ve got all five senses, one is just taking a little break whilst I recover.

I then started to think about what my favourite smell is. I love the smell of lavender, rosemary, cut grass, the rain on a summers day, fresh bedding... fresh bread... these smells make me smile, yet I take this nosy sense for granted.

So today, right now, I am grateful for all of my senses and I can’t wait to smell again... I’ve been told it will nose doubt be back within a week.

What is your most favourite smell?

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Social media post originally posted 12th November 2020