Anxiety - 0
My Wellness Toolbox (and ME) - 1

Yesterday I woke up, after 3 hours broken sleep due to my poorly 2 year old, feeling anxious. On what should be an exciting day the adrenalin was pumping but not in the way I needed it to be... and then the negative chatter started (and revisited several times)... followed by heart palpitations... bit more adrenalin surged in... nausea showed it’s sickening face... frustration popped in... irritability... burping 🙄... appetite decided to disappear... overwhelm tried to stop me start the car... fortunately I had My Wellness Toolbox and although I had to work very hard with multiple tools yesterday (using them reactively), they ultimately got me to Solihull radio station to deliver my very first and also very important #TeamTalk show for World Mental Health Day... and got me through the show. When I got home I admit I didn’t celebrate I actually cried with relief (and frustration).

I feel it is important that I am honest with you as for some you may watch My Wellness Toolbox journey and think I always use my tools proactively, that I’ve got it all sorted and under control - I haven’t. Yesterday my current mental health, fear and anxiety nearly beat me. BUT IT DIDN’T (it would have 13 years ago).

Yesterday was a tough day and by the end of it I was exhausted of over-riding the negative, frustrated that anxiety is knocking down my door once more after 13 years yet I am extremely grateful that I had my tools so I didn’t miss out on such an amazing opportunity... and I must have done something right as I will now be hosting a wellness style show for Solihull Radio on a regular basis 🙌🏻

These are the tools that I pulled out yesterday, as you can see My Wellness Toolbox was extremely busy... can any of these tools help you on a tough day?

Tool #1 - Water
Tool #2 - Breathe
Tool #3 - Music
Tool #4 - Media Turn It Off
Tool #5 - Essential Oils
Tool #8 - Rescue Remedy 
Tool #9 - Daily Self Care
Tool #11 - Affirmations
Tool #13 - Self-Help books
Tool #14 - Positive People 
Tool #15 Gratitude
Tool #16 Let Go & Release Techniques
Tool #17 Reiki
Tool #18 The Secret
Tool #20 Learn Something New
Tool #26 ME

(Oh and Tool #tbc Crystals...🧐)