Back in the Therapists chair…

This week I was reunited with a water bottle I haven’t seen since March 2020. I was led back to it because I decided to do something that many consider brave. I sat back in the psychotherapists chair! Woah!! What?! Why?! Everything is ok?! Isn’t it?!

The last time I spoke to my lovely therapist was November 2020. The last time I sat in her actual chair was just before lockdown in March 2020 when she supported me through a very difficult period in my life. Since then I have continued to heal in quite incredible ways and would once again say I live a predominantly anxiety and OCD free life.

Yet a few weeks ago, I had, for the first time in a very long time, the closest thing to a panic attack. It initially scared me. I was driving at the time. I pulled over and allowed it to pass. I didn’t ignore it. I accepted it. I acknowledged it. I quickly realised that I didn’t have anything to be scared of. Something happening in my life at that time was triggering a traumatic memory from when I was 11 years old. It made complete sense. Threat immediately called off. Previous therapies gave me the tools to do this so effectively.

Yet, although I knew the why, it encouraged me to take proactive steps, to address that memory and close it down. If I don’t it may (most certainly will) come back again at a later date.

Those steps not only reintroduced me to my lovely therapist but also my trusty Tool #1 bottle of water that I left next to her chair, and the actual water in it that has waited for me ever since. I can’t believe she still had it!! 😅

I am extremely grateful for the hour I spent downloading to her non judgemental ears. I spoke about things I’ve felt unable to talk clearly about recently. It was also a gentle reminder of how much I have grown to love and respect myself. I now understand the power of boundaries in both work and personal relationships… and most importantly with myself. That conversation was the best thing I did for myself this week, and no doubt my relationships.

There should be no fear or shame in asking for extra guidance and support to navigate the challenges (and people) that life brings. Sadly there is.

I was fortunate to discover the power of talking therapies in 2006 (CBT), again in 2019 and on Monday this week. I feel fortunate I have this power tool in My Wellness Toolbox to support my own mental health… to prevent mental illness again.

Let’s remove the stigma of sitting in a therapists chair. Admitting I needed help saved my life. Twice! Then this week I used it pro-actively and it’s led me back to lost property 😅

If you feel a talking therapy could help you but don’t know where to start, Take A Seat may be a good place to take a look.

If you are keyworker, you can also nominate yourself to receive 10 therapy sessions funded by Hampers for Heroes CIC. Take a look at the website for more information

Be kind to your mind. You really do matter.