Dr Lizzy Bernthal (Release Your Potential) and I (My Wellness Toolbox) have joined forces to bring you a series of Wellness Wednesday Workshops that will give you practical tools and techniques for wellness, that you can implement straight away and can help you;

💫 Overcome the issues that you feel are challenging you which prevent you from living your best life

💫 Master good communication to enhance relationships

💫 Find your purpose

💫 Build the confidence to master new skills

💫 Take control of your health through re-balancing your nutrition and what you put on and in your body

💫 Realise that you are amazing and have all the resources within you to solve any issues or challenges that you are facing

💫 Get your 'MOJO' back

Workshop 1 - ‘Fill Your FABRUARY Toolbox’ is on Wednesday 12th February 2020, 7-9pm

Workshop 2 - ‘March into Spring’ is on Wednesday 11th March 2020, 7-9pm

The workshops are independent of each other but if you do book both at the same time you will receive a discount on the price.

Both workshops will be held at Bromsgrove Golf Club, Bromsgrove.

For more details and to book tickets please visit store via the links below;

🧰 Workshop 1 ‘Fill Your FABRUARY Toolbox’ -

🙌🏻 Workshop 2 ‘March into Spring’ -