I published a book in 2018 about overcoming anxiety and the next thing I know I’m a qualified wellness coach, holistic therapist and catapulted into the wellness industry, even leading to a wellness show on local radio. This led to some serious imposter syndrome and in 2019 as I spiralled down to rock bottom once more I really judged myself and came very close to throwing in the towel. Why?


I am Your Wellness Coach BUT…

  1. After writing the award winning ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ that shared how I overcame and lived anxiety free for the best part of 13 years, then launching my coaching and holistic therapy business… I hit rock bottom again in 2019 when complex PTSD was re-triggered.
  2. At 42 I am the most body confident I think I’ve ever been yet I am still not happy about my nearly 9 year old C-section pouch, that isn’t going anywhere, and I’ve been considering cosmetic surgery! (Yes, I am grateful for why I’ve got my pouch but I still don’t like it - that’s ok!!)
  3. I step on the scales far too much even though I know scales are for 🐠 - it keeps me motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle yet I also know I don’t need to check in whenever I notice them (which is often)
  4. I love wine (I’m also a qualified wine taster) and drink on a regular basis… love a NZ Sauv!
  5. I sometimes make unhealthy decisions and still have moments when I self-sabotage
  6. I can get angry and sometimes shout at my kids (I am a children’s well-being practitioner so I know why shouting at kids is not actually helpful)
  7. My husband and I currently having relationship coaching as our marriage broke down at the end of last year
  8. I sometimes forget to do my daily wellness rituals including gratitude.
  9. I sometimes forget to live by the Reiki principles (and I am a Reiki Master Teacher)
  10. I have a “it’s complicated” relationship with exercise. At the moment we are “on” but I’ve been over doing it, I didn’t listen to my knees yelping for help last week on  a difficult route and now I’ve got to rest for at least another week. Very disappointed!
  11. My guilty pleasure is ‘Love Island’. I’m  fascinated by people, the psychology and the production. I also switch off and relax so easily watching it… although I know everything that’s wrong about it!
  12. I haven’t got all my 5h!t together - I drop balls daily and I swear ALOT #pottymouth
  13. I sometimes forget to use my wellness toolbox - even on the days I’m coaching you to use yours!!
  14. I am a work in progress. I always will be.
  15. I did have 13 points but my neurodiverse brain means I needed 14… even though I don’t think 13 is unlucky and now I’ve got 15 😂


I am all these things and I now fully accept and embrace who I am. Nothing on that list makes me any less of a wellness coach. I am your AUTHENTIC, HONEST and REALISTIC wellness coach, who resonates with you and is passionate about helping you discover Your Wellness Toolbox and your tools that will help you deal with your every day life… it can even help you improve and maintain your mental health, lead you to release the past, let go of self judgments, accept who you are and show up as your true authentic self ❤️

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