I was super lucky and very grateful to receive an Apple Watch for my birthday. I know that it brings a few cons (it’s another thing I need to remember to switch off at times) yet after just a few weeks I am also realising quite a few benefits especially on my physical health and emotional well-being….

🚶 It’s encouraging me to walk… and talk more.

💥 I set a goal a few weeks ago that I would like to hit at least 10k steps per day. This watch keeps me posted on progress. At 7pm last night I hadn’t quite met that goal so I went for a spontaneous walk. That actually led me to walk another 5k.

📱 On that 5k walk I chatted to a good friend by phone, we both needed a download and it helped us both release a few challenges from our day. He then dropped me a message later to say how much it had helped. If I hadn’t gone for that walk I may have not made that call.

🌅 That spontaneous walk also led me to witness a beautiful sunset. Always good for my soul. Another tool in my wellness toolbox.

🐕 At lunchtime my husband asked me to join him a on a walk with Ginger. I didn’t realise I needed it, yet walking in nature is so uplifting and made me buzz. I also clocked up quite a few extra steps. When I got home I didn’t go straight back to my desk but grabbed a healthy lunch and ate it at the table with no laptop glare.

🧘🏼‍♀️ This watch also randomly reminds me to consciously breathe for 1 minute!!! Proactive conscious breathing is so powerful for our well-being. I did this at least three times yesterday.

😴 The watch also encouraged me to have an early night. For the first time in a while I was in bed before 10:30. I definitely feel the benefits today from those 8 hours kip. 

🌱 I also find when I make more steps I make healthier decisions all round.

…like I say one tool always leads to another tool.

What tools are you using in Your Wellness Toolbox today?

Have a great Tuesday x