This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme is Kindness (that happens to be Tool #21 in My Wellness Toolbox). If you haven’t had the time to focus on your wellness or the tools in Your Wellness Toolbox need recharging, now is the time to start being kind to yourself.

Every day this week I will be sharing with you some of the tools in My Wellness Toolbox that you can immediately add to yours (if you wish). There will also be a few random acts of kindness flying around 😉
We start the week with Tool #11 AFFIRMATIONS. A great tool to use to override that negative chatterbox that you may be beating yourself up with.
You may choose to create your very own affirmations.
Write down the negative thought or feeling you are having, now write down the positive opposite of that thought or feeling. You now have a positive affirmation. When the negative thought pops up replace it with the positive. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Be kind to yourself and others, always.
For more information about My Wellness Toolbox go to and use my tools to help fill Your Wellness Toolbox
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