Laughter really is good medicine for the mind and body; that is why this Tool is one of the firm favourites in My Wellness Toolbox and I search for laughter every day. It is also contagious, so when you start laughing you pass it on and make others feel good too.

The benefits of laughing and smiling are endless. They both boost mood and immunity at the same time, lower stress hormones, ease anxiety and tension, relieve stress, strengthen resilience, helps defuse conflict, relax muscles from head to toe, increase energy.... BURN CALORIES... and all of this for free.

The reality is some days you do not feel like laughing. A sense of humour failure (for all the right reasons) may have become the norm, so you may have to search for it, simply starting with an extra few smiles a day. I have so many ideas to do this in My Wellness Toolbox, this is the one that always works for me.

Be kind to your mind. Find some laughter in your day.

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