DAY 4 / 365

The first Monday of the new year can be anxiety inducing for some... well, for many!!

You may be heading back to work (even if it’s the home office) after the Christmas break, the school run or home schooling is back, the To Do lists that haven’t been touched for a week or two feel overwhelming... and if you have already started working towards any New Years resolutions you may have already hit resolution fatigue... especially if you’ve made drastic changes to your diet and are experiencing withdrawals! Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. 🤯

So today I have picked out a guided meditation from one of the best, Deepak Chopra, to help reduce any Monday anxieties you may be having.

I’ve posted this extra early, so if you have just woken up, are scrolling Facebook and you still have 10 minutes before you need to get up, do the meditation right now and set yourself up for the day!

Have a motivating Monday 💫