DAY 10 / 365

This week attempts at home schooling were not up there in my greatest wins of the week but what it did encourage me to do was bring back art hour!!

Art hour was introduced during the first lockdown, initially to give me space to do “stuff” around the house (I.e. breathe). I simply put paper, pens, pritt stick etc in the middle of the table, ask Alexa to play piano music and tell the kids to get creative... and now I actually join in and just draw... I love it! The kids have always left the table before me and I rarely notice 😂

Haven’t got the time? Just take 5 mins at some point to sit and doodle... it’s better than nothing and can help soothe you if you are having a difficult day!

I talk more about how I rediscovered my love of drawing in the next book, it really helps me switch off and be more present, it also helped me through the first UK National lockdown and even made me feel less guilty about the home schooling we were not doing!! Although the art critics (aka 6YO & 3YO) have given my confidence levels a little knock at times... 😅

If drawing isn’t your thing (it is less messy than most other creative activities) here are a few more ideas you could act upon today to get creative...

💫 Bake / Cook something you love

💫 Write a Poem

💫 Go for a walk and take some photos of nature

💫 Paint a picture

💫 Sing your own choice of lyrics to a song (I do this most days anyway) - this requires little time

💫 Listen to a meditation to encourage creativity

💫 Doodle

💫 Create something with Lego - it can be so relaxing (unless you tread on it)

💫 Write a story

💫 Get crafty

...the list goes on.

Have a wonderful Sunday and add some creation into your self-care plan... it will make a positive difference (unless the 3YO gets hold of the pritt stick and also gets creative with that 😯 )