I was gobsmacked, delighted, extremely grateful, overwhelmed and proud to find out today that I have been shortlisted as a FINALIST in the Inspirational Solopreneur Category for the Woman Who Achieves Award 😲

At the end of September last year I was curled up on my sofa and couldn’t move. Stress had triggered anxiety and OCD, all banging my door down once more after 13 years - I lost myself for a while and became very scared of life and living.
39 year old me was very different to the 26 year old IT Service Manager that hit rock bottom. I am now a Mum of two and Working in the Wellness industry, ironically, has added to the pressure “to get better quick”, yet I consciously remained honest and open with friends, colleagues and clients... and I have definitely come through the other side...just...again!
Yet it was also the wellness industry that surrounded me with some incredible people who have helped me bounce back, including many of the guests on the Solihull Radio show, one of the reasons I didn’t give that up is I knew it wasn’t just helping the listeners it was helping me, even on the days I really felt I couldn’t face it. My Tools got me there every time.
To be sat here less than a year later as a Finalist for an Inspirational award has made me reflect, have a good cry and appreciate how far I have come once more and why giving up is never the right option. No matter how bad NOW feels it WILL GET BETTER and AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN 💫❤️

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