I no longer set New Year’s resolutions, yet I do set intentions throughout the year, especially with the moon cycle and when journalling.

I set the intention with the Full Moon in January   (6th) that I would make healthier choices throughout 2023, do more regular exercise… starting with couch to 5k… but I can’t run?! Can I?!

Now, for those of you who have read ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ you will know that Tool #22 ‘Physical Exercise’ and I haven’t always had a great relationship, it’s the tool I struggle to use consistently, yet when I do use it I reap the rewards. This time has been no different.

On Sunday 15th Jan I reloaded the 5K runner app (8 week challenge) and started at week 2. This would be my third attempt at completing this challenge over the past few years. I have only ever got to week 5 on previous attempts before I gave up.

I actually found it easier than I thought I would and before the end of the first 2 weeks I had accelerated to week 5. However, I also know how my brain and it’s adversity to consistent exercise works, so to reduce the chance of me giving up I made myself accountable, signing up for 28 miles in 28 days, raising money for Sands charity. This charity is extremely close to my heart. I was now running, not only for my health, for my nephew and to raise money for the charity that supported my sister so much when she lost him.

As I ran into February with doubts if I could complete the challenge, I did what I tell my coaching clients to do. I sat down with my thoughts and a journal and explored why I thought I couldn’t do it. This is also known as identifying the blockers and limiting beliefs… and it’s amazing what I pulled out of my subconscious by digging deeper:

  1. I haven’t been able to run for years so surely I can’t now I’m in my 40s
  2. When I was in my early 20’s I was running (and winning) a 800m track race for a work comp and I fell over (very embarrassing) which led to bad anxiety
  3. In my mid 20’s a PT in a gym (who I didn’t even know) was watching me on a running machine and made a comment about how I didn’t know how to run
  4. My knees don’t like it
  5. I can’t get past week 5
  6. I haven’t got the time. I’m so busy!!

I then looked at each point and worked out if they were valid, my own BS or someone else’s BS.

  1. My own BS. I actually ran 3 miles during a PT session in 2015 with no build up. It was hard and I hated it, I heaved multiple times, complained a lot, yet I did it. So I have ran 5k in years. Age is also a number.
  2. My own BS… although it will be attached to feelings of shame and embarrassment. I now know how to let go of that. Gone.
  3. Someone else’s BS. …it’s what PTs (mainly in gyms) can do to encourage you to sign up and pay for training sessions with them (as I have been told by a PT who thinks it’s a shocking way to generate sales by shaming you)
  4. Excuse. Do something about the knees then!! Reiki, Cold water baths and strength training (thanks to MoodLifter) have definitely helped them!
  5. My own BS. If I tell myself I can’t do something then I can’t. What if I change the script and tell myself I can… and also remind myself I was once selected to do cross country for a running club when I was 14 (granted nearly 30 years ago… but hey… this girl can)
  6. My own BS. My alarm can be set 45 mins earlier. I walk most lunchtimes so why not run? I’m in control of my own schedule!!



So when I was running during week 5 and doubts started to fill my head, I was able to remind myself that if I don’t complete the challenge it’s because of my own BS. I was able to use the affirmation “I can run and I can do this”. I was able to remind myself of why I was doing this. I was also able to be kind to myself and on days I have needed a break, I’ve  had one. All of this was in my control.


So with intention setting, self awareness, a mindset change, release of limiting beliefs… and some moon magic I completed my couch to 5K challenges last week 💥… and immediately downloaded the 10K runner app 🙈😂


…and today I completed the 28 miles in 28 days challenge. Actually, what I should say is… I smashed it! 48 miles in 28 days and £230 raised for SANDS charity 💥💥💥


Since I started the Couch to 5k (5k Runner) in Jan I’ve actually logged 66.10 miles!! 💥


There have been some extra benefits too…


💥 I’ve been making healthier food choices

💥 I’ve been walking more and hitting over 10K steps every day

💥 I’ve reduced my alcohol intake

💥…and discovered running is a hangover cure!!! Who knew this?!?!

💥 I’ve lost inches and weight (9lb in Feb)

💥 I’ve spent time in nature every day in Feb

💥 I’ve witnessed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets

💥 My Positive Playlist has had a big update

💥 I feel so good for it - my self-esteem is ⬆️

💥 I’ve released limiting beliefs

💥 I’m proud of myself - running 5k may not be a big deal for some… but it is for me so I’m banking it.


I may never have had the opportunity to run around with my nephew Jake (as I do his younger brother and sister) …but for the last 28 days I have ran with him in my heart ❤️🌈 🦋


What are you telling yourself you can’t do?


What bullsh!t are you still telling yourself?


What challenge would you like to take on?


DM me if you would like to work with me 121… YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!  I can help you x