Top 5 Tools for... Hangovers

Hangovers happen, especially when you have that “Oh go on then, one more for the road” moment. It’s great at the time but the next day the hangover arrives bringing a large helping of HANXIETY! 

Tool #1 - Water

Keep yourself hydrated. Good for you physically and to help clear the mind. 


Tool #2 - Breathe 

Pull out your breathing exercises if the hangover is making you feel panicky 


Tool #4 - Media: Turn it off

If you are feeling negative and your mind is racing don’t encourage it to absorb anymore negativity that is outside of your control yet may make you feel worse. 


Tool #5 - Essential Oils 

Citrus Oils, like lemon and orange, are the perfect pick me up. Switch the diffuser on or drop some in the shower tray and let them uplift you. 


Tool #9 - Daily Self Care 

Do something simple that you know will make you feel better and recharge you. A bath? Positive playlist? Fruit Smoothie? Walk in the fresh air? Full English Breakfast 😉


Oh... and a bonus Power Tool...


Tool #10 - Acceptance 

The hangover is here and it will pass. Don’t beat yourself up for the over indulgence, accept it and know that you’ve got your tools and you will feel better.



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