As I sit here waiting in the queue to board a Ferry, as we head to Ireland for the weekend to celebrate my grandparents 70th Wedding Anniversary, it reminded me of this post that I originally shared with a private Facebook group in June 2018... Some very simple tools to help you whilst travelling on holiday 🚢 ✈️ 🚂 🚘

My Wellness Toolbox – Be Pro-Active

Just the thought of a holiday once it is booked will make most people bounce with excitement. A chance to relax or go on an adventure, a break from your every-day life, bringing opportunities to experience new places, learn about different cultures and make amazing memories.

However, for several years the initial excitement of going on holiday once it was booked would easily turn to dread, even the sunniest of holidays would have the grey cloud of anxiety hovering over and panic would set in, normally as the bags were being packed. I can recall at least two occasions when I was physically sick at the airport as nerves took complete hold.

In 2011 when my boyfriend (now husband) and I booked the Round the World tickets I remember crying, but finally with excitement… and pride. I realised how far I had come. There was no way anxiety was going to ruin this opportunity!!! Right at the top of my packing list was My Wellness Toolbox. It didn’t let me down…

…and I have just returned from a fantastic long weekend in Ibiza for my sisters 40th Birthday with a group of 12 lovely ladies, 8 who I met for the first time on this holiday.

This naturally made me a little apprehensive before we set off. Once again, the tools were packed in the ridiculous over-sized bag for a weekend away… and although the tools (along with the 4 pair of space wasting shoes) didn’t get much use, the over indulgence and late nights did make me call upon tool #1 Water most mornings!

I took the chance to use tool #2 Breathe proactively in the adult only hotel (amazing) and I am very grateful to have returned from Ibiza with some extra strength to tool #14 - positive people. Every single female on that trip had an inspirational story to share which in turn every single one of us embraced, supported and when required… laughed out loud…tool #23 Laughter working for us all.

These are a few more tools to help you overcome the stress and anxiety of going on holiday…

When your mind travels towards “negative” as you contemplate all things “holiday” that you need to do and you start to become overwhelmed, try a few breathing exercises to help redirect your mind towards feelings of calm.

Sit comfortably with your feet on the ground, close your eyes and try to visualise a destination that makes you feel positive. Then proceed to do the ‘in for 5 out for 10’ breathing exercise. Keep doing it until you feel calm and the negative thoughts have subsided.

On your travels do this exercise at any time you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed… or even when you are sipping a cocktail at the side of the pool feeling relaxed, that’s the perfect time to practice it, so when you do have a moment of need it will kick in more easily.

A holiday playlist with all your favourite mood boosting songs will not only make the packing process easier but the songs will uplift you and make you feel more positive about the adventure ahead. You can then call upon the playlist at any time throughout your journey. To override any negative thinking turn the volume upwards and let the happy tunes take over.

Preparing for a holiday is the perfect excuse to indulge in some extra daily self-care.

In the weeks leading up to a break in a warmer climate I always treat myself to one of my favourite body scrubs and add it to the morning shower routine to help my skin get holiday ready. Just adding that extra 1-minute step can make me feel like I am doing something positive towards my holiday.

If you struggle to find the time, book it in the diary and make it just as important as everything else you have got going on. Prioritise. Make time for you. Take complete advantage of this tool and get holiday ready!

In your diary add lots of Gratitude and Thanks against the holiday dates.

Every morning leading up to the holiday, wake up and before you even get out of bed, be thankful for the holiday you have booked and that you WILL enjoy. Try and allow the excitement to build gradually. Call upon Tool #11 Affirmations if you need to override any negative thoughts with sunshine ones.

If your holiday appears in a brochure, cut out the pictures and add them to your Gratitude Vision Board.
…and at the end of your amazing experience do not forget to be thankful for the memories and the ones that will follow.

Eating healthier and pulling out tool #22 in the weeks running up to your break away will most likely uplift you, can make you feel more body confident and normally results in improved sleep… which will no doubt be needed if you are lucky enough to be heading to Ibiza!!

#26 ME (That’s YOU!)
This is an opportunity to have some down time, a much-deserved break from the daily routine. Give yourself a break and value this time for YOU.

….and when you remember to pack the toothbrush… Don’t forget to pack your My Wellness Toolbox!

Have a fabulous time x