On this weeks Solihull Radio The Wellness Wednesday show Caroline Gibbs shared her experience with alcoholism.

There are approximately 76 million people in the world with an alcohol use disorder, such as alcohol dependency. Caroline mentioned that on average 12-13 people are impacted directly by 1 person who is alcohol dependent! Are you one of those people impacted?

A strong message from the show is that if you are directly impacted by someone who has an addiction of any kind then make sure you are also seeking help and support for your own wellbeing. Sometimes when caring for someone else or when struggling with someone else’s behaviours we actually forget to look after our own wellness. It’s important that you do before it makes you ill.

Make sure you are using the tools in Your Wellness Toolbox.

If you would like to listen to the show you can download the podcast via this link...

Have a fabulous weekend.