This week at the Wellness Wednesday (with wine?) online event I shared some tools for all the family to call upon. To be used both pro-actively and reactively as lockdown restrictions begin to lift  and we start to return to pre-lockdown routines, for example, the school run. This return to the next “normality” may be exciting for some, yet it may be a trigger for overwhelm, worry and anxiety for others.

During the event I mentioned my own children, Thomas (6) & Elouise (3) and the tools in My Wellness Toolbox that are also working for them, or at least I think they are...

So, to remove any assumptions or doubt, as we were chatting whilst doing some colouring today I asked Thomas (6) to tell me what the tools are in Thomas’s Wellness Toolbox.

What are the things he does if he is feeling sad, worried or stressed about something and wants to feel better about it? 

These ‘tools’ were straight out of the horses mouth, with no encouragement or persuasion from me.

Piano Music: “You play it when we are colouring and I think it is relaxing”

Take a lie down: “If I feel a bit stressed I like to take a lie down on the sofa or my bed”

Drawing and colouring: “It’s a nice thing to do”

Exercise: “Its good for me and makes me have energy” (proceeds to jump up and down across the room) 

Talk: “If I worry I come and see you and tell you”

Sensual oils (his name for Essential Oils): “I like the one you put on a tissue by my pillow. Is it Serenity? That helped me sleep when I was sad the other night”

Play with Toys: “(When I’m frustrated) I like to play with my toys as that makes me feel happy again”

Reiki: “Oh,Yes, I know... Reiki is good for you. It is REALLY relaxing and makes me calm down”

If they work for Thomas (aged 6) maybe they could work for you and your children.

Give them a go. The sooner you and your family start discovering and using the tools proactively for Your Family Wellness Toolbox,  the easier they will be to use in moments (and days) of need. 

Stay safe xx