One day really can change everything. Yesterday I shared that following online guidance and initial discussions with school that both the children and I would be heading back into isolation as my husband has been notified he has Covid-19. By the time I went to bed I had fully accepted this and was ready for another 2 weeks of Swifty family isolation. Although I did put it out there to the universe that I would require home schooling to be made a littler easier and could it bring more wine... looks like the universe was listening!!

Following further investigation by the school in the last 24 hours, Public Health England have informed them that both children can return to school on Monday, assuming they develop no symptoms before then. My husband has developed symptoms whilst in isolation (confirmed 11 days in to be exact). The children will have isolated for 18 days when they go back to school. It is deemed that you will not be infectious after 14 days if you have not developed symptoms in isolation. There is even a picture that explains it (which quite a lot of you lovely social media friends shared with me yesterday).

I also received a call from Test & Trace who had realised they have two open cases for me, they have now been merged and it was realised I have actually isolated for 3 days longer than I needed to! In the agents words “if you want to go for a long walk today you can” (did she read my blog yesterday?!). She also explained the children can return to school next week. The guidance from two sources aligns!! Finally!!

All of the above news made us blow a big sigh of relief, it is good news for all of us, the children are so excited to head back to school. Although I do appreciate it may make those, who haven’t lived this experience or been informed in the same way we have, nervous about us running back into the wild and mixing with them. We have more of the facts, they no doubt still have more of the fears.

Worrying about other people’s anxieties triggered within me immediately. What’s ifs started to spiral. Perspective immediately required... resulting in talking it through as a family. So we agreed to do what we have done from the start of this pandemic and simply follow the formal guidance we are given and not put a spin on it to suit us or others. We also agreed to communicate to those who we feel may be questioning our next steps and may be angered by the guidance we have been given. That’s what fear does to people. I get it and understand it.

So today I am feeling very different from yesterday... I do believe my positive mindset, mixed with my power tools ‘acceptance’ and ‘talking’ have encouraged this. Learning to be present in the moment has also helped with perspective.

It has also taught me that whilst navigating through uncertain and confusing times (and even more confusing online guidance) you can only go with the facts presented to you and let go of my own assumptions and others opinions. So I went and found those facts, had them confirmed and just like that... everything has changed in less than one day.

Most importantly I feel human again, my husband is fine and the kids are happy!

Now we need to focus our positive vibes towards my Mum... time for her to beat this bloody thing!!

Have a positive evening and please stay safe xxx