Some of this Talking Tools blog is taken straight out of My Wellness Toolbox (2018) as the message is still the same. However, I have updated the affirmations to include a few that helped me when I took on the Solihull radio presenter role (and imposter syndrome tried to get in the way) and more recently during COVID19 Lockdown. I have also added some guidance on how to write an affirmation.

Affirmations are positive quotes/statements/phrases that you can repeat to yourself out loud or in your head, reminding yourself or telling yourself how you want to feel, what you want to be and even what you want to achieve. You can also write your favourite ones down, put them in your purse, hang them on your wall, stick them on your desk at work and include them on your vision boards, just make them very present in your life.

I have used affirmations for many years to override negative thinking with positive thoughts. When I was at my most anxious my mind was riddled with negative thinking that at times scared me and eventually chipped away at my self-confidence, it was a vicious circle. I then learned to start interrupting those negative thoughts with positive affirmations. It didn’t take too long before I realised something had changed. Positivity was no longer the exception; it was the rule. More importantly my confidence had started to return.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to use when in the midst of facing fears or feeling anxious. I used to be terrified of hospitals, the thought of even walking in the main entrance would make me dizzy, but when I fell pregnant I had the realisation I was just going to have to get over it, for not only me but for my baby (one of the main drivers for doing Hypnobirthing – another tool in My Wellness Toolbox), so I introduced some affirmations specifically to address those fears, they worked! 

When you begin using affirmations you may not really believe the affirmation is true, but the more you repeat it, again and again, you will come to truly believe it and in turn that affirmation will become reality.

Here are some examples that have helped me more recently:

  • I’ve Got This
  • Things are always working out for me
  • I can handle today in a positive and calm way
  • I am open to the lessons that today brings me
  • I accept what I cannot change and move on
  • I easily let go of what does not serve me
  • My family are safe and healthy
  • I am a great Mummy
  • I am unique and that is one of my biggest strengths
  • I have courage to face what is ahead of me today
  • I live in the moment with ease
  • I am enough
  • I can fall asleep easily and peacefully
  • Life is happening for me not to me


Now. Grab some paper and a pen and create a personal positive affirmation for you…

Here are a few simple steps to take to create one;

  1. Write down a reoccurring negative thought you have that upsets you, triggers anxiety and/or is holding you back (e.g. I can’t do it, I’m not attractive, I’m useless, I can’t afford it... )
  2. Write down the opposite of that negative thought
  3. Cross out the negative thought
  4. You now have a positive affirmation
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat… and repeat some more. 


A few examples:

Negative self-talk: I can never afford to do anything; I never have enough money.  

Positive self-talk: There is always more than enough money in my life


Negative self-talk: I can’t do that; those situations always stress me out

Positive self-talk: I can take on challenging situations in a calm and relaxed way


Negative self-talk: I’m not good enough for him/her/them  

Positive self-talk: I am enough. I am amazing.


Positive self-talk is good for us, yet sometimes using this tool can lead you to feel frustrated, especially if you are feeling extremely low or are struggling with depression. If you feel that the negative self-talk is becoming intrusive and impacting your everyday life, I would encourage you to seek support or guidance from your GP or a trained talking therapist.


You are wonderful. I am wonderful.


Have a calm and positive day 💫


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