This is a blog I wrote last year on September 20th 2019. It still applies. Both my children love their positivity pebbles. 

Tool #16 Let Go & Release Techniques for children... thanks to the Positivity Pebbles ☺️

This morning my eldest (age 5) who loves school got quite upset about going to school. He changed the reasons as to why school was not a good idea a few times. We are still not sure if it was a genuine worry or if it was the fact he realised it was Friday which means his little sister and I have a fun day together. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Regardless of the reason I needed to calm him down and make him feel happier about heading off to school, as that was the only option.

So I reached over to a lovely tray of crystals I was given as a gift by my fabulous sister and asked him to pick one out that he liked. He chose a lovely blue stone (apparently a Blue Howlite). I told him that today this was his ‘positivity pebble’.

I asked him to hold the pebble in his hands, close his eyes and think of something fun he loves to do that makes him really happy. Then as he was doing this I told him to hold the pebble tightly for a few seconds. It was very cute watching his face light up as he was doing this. I told him to open his eyes, then explained that at any time during the day if he didn’t feel happy he could hold his little positivity pebble, give it a squeeze, and that this would take any worry away. He smiled and said “I can’t wait to take this to school and show (insert friends name)”... he bounced off the bed, had breakfast, got ready for school and jumped on the bus with no further worry or tears. He had let his worry go.

I did a similar activity with an 11 year old client this week who has recently started senior school and has started to experience anxiety type feelings when thinking about school, especially on a Sunday evening. He also has his very own positivity pebble that he will keep in his blazer pocket and call upon if he needs a squeeze of confidence. He scored this new power tool 9/10 and said he really thinks it will help him let go of the worry. I will be sharing more about this fantastic session next week.

Although I called it a positivity pebble, this was actually a crystal. A new tool I have recently added to My Wellness Toolbox (another story) and I am still learning about what they all mean. When my son was safely on his way to school I researched the benefits of the Blue Howlite Crystal. This crystal is really good to help calm worry, anxiety and stress, it is very soothing for both children and adults. I think he has made the perfect choice.

The tools in My Wellness Toolbox work for the whole family. When the worry started we very quickly pulled out a tool to make my son feel better but this also made me feel happier as I was sending him off to school with a smile on his face and the tears did not escalate. Ultimately this would have had a positive impact on the whole household.

I will be picking him up from school shortly. I am very curious to see if he even remembered he had put it in his pocket... I will keep you posted ☺️

*UPDATE after school* 

Well the Positivity Pebble was a hit... his teacher even pulled me to one side at pick up to say how lovely it was as he asked if he could show everybody... and he said he has had a great day and didn’t worry at all ❤️


If you would like any more information about what else is in My Wellness Toolbox for the whole family please get in touch 💫