Tool #20 Learning Something New has already been working hard for me in 2020!! 🌟

I’ve always been intrigued by crystals and crystal healing, yet I’ve never really “got it” and used to feel quite overwhelmed at the thought of trying to “get it”. It is a never-ending subject, so much to learn.

In May 2019 whilst on holiday in “our happy place” my 5 year old asked me if I could take him to a shop so he could buy a crystal for him. I took him to a lovely Pembrokeshire gift shop where they had a huge array of beautiful crystals, he was fascinated by all of them (and so was I), this triggered something in me and led me to start researching the benefits of different crystals for both my family and my own wellness. My knowledge has gradually started to grow and I have been using crystals most days with positive results, especially when it comes to settling racing thoughts at bedtime!!

My lovely sister bought me an excellent book called Crystal Companion for Christmas and it gave me the nudge I needed....

So I wrote down on that 2020 “I’m going to take it easy” bucket list that I would like do some Crystal Healing training... so that’s exactly what I’ve done!

Over the past few weeks I’ve completed an online course and exam. This week I have achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Crystal Healing. It is fascinating stuff and I definitely feel confident that I really now understand the basics, I can’t wait to continue my learning to enable me to combine Crystal Healing with Reiki Therapy for My Wellness Toolbox Clients.

Learning something new is so good for your wellbeing, self-belief and confidence, and when your subject is about something so positive and magical like crystals it even gives you extra tools for your Wellness Toolbox 😉❤️

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