A WOW moment happened last night... 🤩

I was in a local restaurant celebrating my friends special birthday with a large group. A lady who I have never met before approached me at the table and asked if I was Ali who wrote My Wellness Toolbox. She is a friend of a good friend and recognised me from photos she has seen recently on social media. She bought My Wellness Toolbox on Amazon a few weeks ago.

She wanted to come over to say Thank You to me for writing the book and gave some amazing feedback. She explained that she has decided to pay it forward and will be giving the book to her friend who she feels will really benefit from it 🙌🏻

This was a WOW moment for me because this lady didn’t have to do what she did. This act of kindness made me feel so good. To be told face to face how much the book is helping someone is simply amazing, each time is like the first time and really makes me feel WOW. She will also never appreciate how timely her kind action was...

Recently self-doubt, low self-esteem and imposter syndrome have made me question if I should be doing all the things that I am doing with My Wellness Toolbox... this was another reminder from the Universe that I should be 😊

WOW... that’s what kindness does 🤩

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