DAY 43 / 365

FRIDAY FEELS LIKE... EXERCISE!! (Yes... I did just type that out loud whilst I sit here with my trainers on 😯 )

This week I made the decision to make some small steps towards getting my fitness back. Since I had COVID in November I have had no desire or motivation to exercise... and if I’m honest it’s kind of turned into an excuse “Well I don’t want to overdo it as it did take me weeks to recover”. Yet with everything going on right now I have not put any pressure on myself as I knew the button at the top of my jeans would eventually give me the nudge (well stabbing) that I needed... it has done just that!! Some balance required.

I know that Claire Cross Fitness is the woman that helps me get back on track and encourages me to find some balance when my exercise disappears down a black hole (if you have read the first book you know I do struggle to be consistent with this tool #22)... so I have joined her Empower programme once more and this week set myself a goal to exercise 3 times, this means doing 3 of Claire’s workouts / HIITS (15-18 mins long).

So far this week I’ve done 2....which means I have today and the weekend to find the time to do 1 more. Realistic.

I could have set myself a goal to exercise every day but that would not have been SMART as I would have been putting too much pressure on myself.

Are your goals SMART?

SPECIFIC - I wrote down exactly what I wanted to do

MEASUREABLE - I can easily track what I do towards meeting the goal

ACHIEVEABLE - I made sure the goal was challenging but possible

REALISTIC - I was honest with myself about what I could do and didn’t put too much pressure on myself

TIME-BOUND - I set myself a deadline... 3 x within 7 day window

To help with accountability Claire encourages me to post a sweaty selfie in the group... hence the photo below. This was Day 1. Flushed and sweaty! 😅

How did I find the time? I got out of bed 30 mins earlier than normal. I set myself a SMART goal and made the required changes to help me meet it. If I didn’t the only blocker was me.

I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed it this week, I love how I feel after exercise, my brain just seems to forget that important detail when I’m trying to get motivated!

What small smart step can you take today towards a goal you may have?

Have a great weekend... and pull out Tool #22 if you can 🏋️‍♀️

If you need help with goal setting in any area of your life then please do get in touch, I have a couple of Your Wellness Toolbox coaching spaces available from March 2021 ❤️