Yesterday I did something that has been extremely rare during lockdown... I pulled out Tool #22 and actually did some physical exercise!! See image 1 for evidence of sweaty Betty (it ain’t pretty)! 

I have been doing some walking in the past 10 weeks (if that is how long lockdown has been?! Has it?!) but the only thing that has made me really sweat is the beautiful sunshine. My activity levels are the lowest they have been in a very long time... and jeez I felt it! 

I really want to say I enjoyed the 15 minute HIIT but it was really hard work (and I started with a simple one), my fitness levels felt non-existent. I was about to walk down the path of self-sabotage, then stopped myself. Beating myself up is not going to change my decisions in the past 10 weeks (or the shrinking clothes). Yet what I can do is now aim to make healthier decisions that I know will be good for me both physically and mentally. I can control that today, right now. After the exercise I did feel good. I felt motivated. This led to me making healthier food choices that I really enjoyed... and I also had an early night when I had finished work. Bonus! 

That is the power of Tool #22 on my mindset. When I do pull it out it does have a positive knock on effect, encouraging me to make healthier and more balanced decisions all round.

Working most evenings during lockdown, due to a need to change routine, has also led to more convenient food choices, more ‘beige’ foods, less ‘rainbow’ food and less balance. At the weekends it has also felt like an All Inclusive holiday at times (it’s been brilliant!). So this week I’ve planned all meals that I can also prepare and eat before work so that I am not eating too late... and therefore not making the decision to wash late night meals down with wine! Again, something I have enjoyed during this unusual time. Yet I recognise I’ve probably being enjoying it a little too much which I know from experience will not benefit me long term, at some point I have to rebalance!! 

I won’t be pulling Tool #22 out intensely every day and I’m not going to deprive myself of the things I enjoy, I will be realistic. I have just made a conscious decision, once more, to get some balance back and use this tool a little more. Some forward planning in my diary always helps me do this. I know my mind and body need me to do it.

I’m going to Be Kind to My Mind. I’m going to Bloom in June... get my energy levels back to bouncy and hopefully will be able to wear the pre-lockdown jeans comfortably once more 🙏🏻💫


Yesterday I did a HIIT with Fit for Frank on YouTube

I also enjoy working out online with ‘Claire Cross Fitness & Well-being’ and Darran Law from ‘Live and Workout at Home Personal Training’. Check out their pages... and workouts on Facebook. 

54321.... let’s do it!!!