TOOL #22 PHYSICAL EXERCISE... Oops I’ve joined the GYM!!

Sssssssssh don’t tell anyone but today I started that relationship again... the one with the gym... you know, the one I said was lost forever 😬😮😅

...but it is for a very good reason. Let me explain.

After working extremely hard and long hours juggling 3 “jobs” for the past year I have pulled out Tool #9 (Daily Self Care) and made the decision to step away from IT contracting for a little while. This is so I can really focus on sharing My Wellness Toolbox and all the tools in a number of different ways. This also means I am now available for Reiki & MWT Coaching appointments during the day and not just in the evenings 😀🙌🏻 (you can contact me directly to book an appointment).

As part of this change and also motivated by the Claire Cross Fitness and Well-being Empower programme I want to make sure my (and the families) new routine includes more of Tool #22 Physical Exercise, as this is a tool that I would like to use more consistently (I can’t use the office hours as an excuse now). I figured this is the perfect time to introduce something new so that it becomes part of the new and “normal” routine.

So, why the gym? Well at 9am this morning this wasn’t even a consideration... Then at about 9.15am I was driving along thinking 💭(as I do) that even though my working day involves working directly with some great people, it can be quite lonely. If I am going to slot Tool #22 into the working day I want it to involve other faces. I love a good walk, an online HIIT with Claire or a Davina DVD, but it’s not something I want to do alone every working day.

This got me thinking about one of my Tool 14’s (positive people) gym membership - this could be a good opportunity to spend some more quality time together. So I gave her a call. This quickly led me to calling the gym. At 12.15pm I found myself in a hotel swimming pool performing (my version of) aqua aerobics with 12 other women... and there was lots of Tool #23 Laughter flying around. It was fun. I chatted to a few of the lovely ladies and very quickly realised how important this session (and their membership) was for both their physical and mental health. I felt comfortable. It felt right. At 13:30pm I was sat on a couch handing over my bank details and signing up! I don’t tend to ponder on these things 😂

This membership is great value (and costs less per week than a bottle of my favourite wine 😅). There are also no contracts, joining fees, cancellation fees... so no money guilt if I do decide it’s more short term than long term! It felt comfortable. It felt right. So I did it... and the kids can join me at the weekends for free. Bonus! (...although I’m not going to get too carried away).

My tools are forever changing, updating and upgrading. 4 years ago I no longer wanted this relationship with the gym, the love was lost forever. Yet today I felt like it may just be an upgrade to an existing tool that will work for me and my health right now... and if it doesn’t work out this time, no love lost. I’m sure I’ll keep you posted.

So is it time to update or upgrade your tools?

If you have ever tried something before and it didn’t work for you then, who is to say it won’t work for you now?! Never say Never... and as you change let your tools change.