Apologies if I have been a little less present than normal this week but I have been very busy… Writing!

I am super excited as I have been asked to be a columnist for not one but two new Mental Health Magazines that are launching by the end of this year. More details to follow soon!!!

…and because I have been writing about my own personal experiences it has helped me release a few things and I am feeling good for it.

Writing is very effective in boosting your mood, it can really help you express and release unwanted thoughts and reduce your stress levels.

Writing can also be very therapeutic and can really help you through a healing process, especially if you are struggling to express your feelings through other forms of communication.

In ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ I share a few of the ways I have used and still use this creative tool: 

  • You can write down the bad stuff, anxieties, fears. Rip them up and let them go… or pull out WIDABI – Write It Down and Burn It!
  • Writing down something that is upsetting you is a form of release allowing you to download, it can make the situation that is upsetting you seem clearer and easier to handle.
  • If you are struggling to express how you feel to someone, write them a letter. You do not have to give them the letter but releasing the words can reduce and even remove some of the negative or uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing. This is especially useful when you have feelings of anger.
  • Writing letters to heaven can help through the grieving process, it can bring a sense of closure. It can also encourage the tears that you are holding back to release. When my father-in-law passed away I felt an overwhelming sense of grief for our children, writing a poem on behalf of them not only helped me grieve but they now have a lovely poem about their Grandad that they can read and share as they get older. I also read it at his funeral.
  • When you wake at night and your head is in overdrive, write the thoughts or ideas down, park them and come back to them the next day knowing they won’t be forgotten.
  • When you are struggling to make a decision writing down the pro’s and con’s can give you some clarity, take away some of the confusion and make the decision process easier.
  • Keeping a Gratitude diary allows you to write down all the things you are grateful for, as you write them down you will immediately feel content and no doubt will be smiling.
  • Spending some time writing funny poems and lovely words in friends & family birthday cards can be uplifting for you and them, it can also be a good use of Your Laughter tool.
  • Writing a journal, a diary, a story…… a shopping list?!

…yet if all or any of that sounds too much, you could always just write a Review for My Wellness Toolbox 😉

Is Writing in Your Wellness Toolbox? 

Take Care and Happy Writing…

Ali x