Tomorrow should be my final day in Covid-19 isolation. According to the app I can go back into the wild (a national lockdown restricted one) at 23:59 on 19th November. 

Today we received confirmation that my husband has Covid-19.

The guidance is not clear, so we can only assume I have to start isolation all over again.

The children definitely can’t go back to school on Monday. This has been confirmed by the school. Nearly 2 more weeks of home schooling for them. 

I found this all out after quite a difficult home-schooling session.

I cried.

Full on snotty tears.

I cried because I am tired.

I cried because I have a banging headache.

I cried because I worry about my husband.

I cried because I worry about my children.

I cried because my Mum also has Covid… and that is not good news.

I cried because my children are stuck at home for another 2 weeks.

I cried because my 6-year-old just wants to go back to school.

I cried because I am not a patient teacher.

I cried because my house is untidy, but I have no energy to give it a deep clean.

I cried because I look like I need a clean. 

I cried because I have to cancel guests for the radio show.

I cried because I have to cancel appointments which means others losing money.

I cried because I hate letting people down.

I cried because I just want to go for a long walk.

I cried because it means we will inconvenience our family members for another two weeks.

I cried because the wine fridge is empty.

I cried because I needed to.

I cried because it allows me to release frustrations.

I cried because it clears the brain fog. 

I cried.

I cried and it made me feel better. 

Crying is such an important tool in My Wellness Toolbox.

As I finished crying and put this tool away, a number of events happened within a thirty-minute window. 

💫 Someone I have never met before contacted me on LinkedIn to ask if they can promote Your Christmas Wellness Toolbox giftbox – they had seen them on my website and would like to include them in a wellbeing guide for Christmas. Wow.

💫 A few of the school Mums messaged me offering to run errands for us. Surrounded by kindness.

💫 A local lady who I have only met via the power of social media dropped a gift at the door, a beautiful soy candle with a lovely Thank You note. I have agreed to give my feedback. Her timing was perfect.

💫 My hero of a Brother-In-Law delivered bread, milk and WINE. His timing was perfect.

💫 My husband came downstairs and excitedly announced that now he has Covid surely we can hug again. Put a huge smile on my face

💫 My 6YO made a gorgeous card for me to make me smile.

… and that made me cry again!!! Good tears. Happy Tears. I know how lucky I am tears.

On the difficult days there is always something positive to find. Always. Sometimes they shine brightly and smack you in the face within a 30 minute window, sometimes you have to look a little harder, but they will be there. 

…and don’t forget to use the Crying tool. It is good for you. Crying can make you feel better. 

…and I have just found out This is Us is on TV this evening, which probably means I’ll be crying again before the day ends!! 

Have a lovely evening... and please stay safe  xxx