Have you ever been on the receiving end of “Music Shaming”? Criticised for your taste in music? Mocked by someone because your taste in music isn’t as cool as theirs?

I have, many times. I love ALL music. I was born in the 80’s. This means my 10 year old (nearly on its knees) IPod is jam packed with all sorts and all flavours of music, ranging from the 60s to the present day.

This also means when I play my positive playlist in front of a crowd I can be on the receiving end of eye rolls, comments about my crap taste in music, I have even had friends change the tune that is blasting out.

Pretty harmless? It can be and mostly is. However, for some it can be very upsetting.

If you are a Music Shamer, I urge you to think twice next time you are about to do it! This is why...

It is very hard to find someone who doesn’t like music. Music is powerful. Music is deep rooted. Music is extremely personal. For me, Music has saved me on many occasions, it has even stopped panic attacks in their track. It is why I have a positive playlist.

My positive playlist contains all types of music from different decades and genres. Songs that make me feel good, that lift my mood, make me dance, sweep the negative thoughts away. I use my playlist proactively, to keep me lifted, and reactively, when I need a lift.

So imagine if someone is having a bad day, they put on their positive playlist, it’s making them feel better, it’s lifting them. A song is blasting, taking them back to a great moment in their life. It is making them feel happy. However, it is not your taste in music. You walk in, roll your eyes and comment “what a load of crap this is?”. You may even go as far as to turn it off!!!! Shocking.

In one “harmless” comment or action, you may have also just taken away the positive benefits that song was having on that persons mental health in that moment.

So if you are Music Shamed, ignore the Shamer, they are not a Tool #14 for you, choose to pull out Your Tool #3 and turn it up. Extra loud.

If you Music Shame... shame on you. Time to pull out Tool #21 😉

Love your music and let everyone else love theirs 🎵❤️🎵