Who is struggling to sleep well at the moment?

Tool #34 may be the one to help you!!

Amethysts are healing crystals that bring a wealth of benefits, they are very calming and especially good at helping heal emotional pain and stress. They are also very good if you are struggling to settle at bedtime or would like to improve sleep patterns, which has actually been proven in our home this week.

Following a fall and advice from her GP, my Mum (who was shielding) moved in with us just over two weeks ago. She is staying in the spare room which is also my office.

Mum struggles with insomnia, sometimes only having 2 hours sleep at night, this has an impact on her energy levels, physical and mental health.

2 days after she moved in Mum joked “What have you put in my room to make me sleep so well?”. She had slept for more than 8 hours for 2 nights in a row. This improved sleep would continue for several nights. I acknowledged that the crystals will have been bringing some benefits to the space but we just assumed her improved sleep was down to feeling more settled here.

A few days ago, without even thinking about it I removed the amethyst from the spare bedroom. Yesterday Mum commented on how she had been struggling to sleep again and was feeling quite fatigued. It dawned on me that it could be because the amethyst was no longer in the room.

So last night before she went to bed I put this beautiful crystal next to the side of the bed. Guess what? Mum had a peaceful and deep sleep for over 7 hours and is feeling energised today. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Neither does she. In her words “This is no coincidence, I am definitely getting one for my home”

If you do struggle with sleep or insomnia and you haven’t tried this tool, why not give it a go. Nothing to lose and a lot of sleep to gain. 

Stay safe and sleep well 🙏🏻

Update: Following a number of requests, I order all my crystals online from a small business called The Little Crystal Lounge, they have always been so helpful.