At the start of lockdown when the routine changed so did our food choices, less rainbow and more beige foods started to fill the plate. We were filling up the freezer due to the shopping restrictions and also choosing the more convenient and quick options as I was working most evenings. It worked for us at the time... and we also indulged in some of our childhood favourites, from Chicken Kiev’s to Findus Pancakes πŸ˜‹

However, the beige did start to get boring, the clothes were getting smaller and energy levels were falling quickly. By the end of May I knew more focus and effort was required to bring the rainbow back... every day! More rainbow on my plate usually means more balanced and healthier choices all round... for all of us.

I took a step back and looked at how the meal time routine could be changed in our new ways of working, I wanted to be able to cook more balanced meals and not at 9.30pm every night!!

So now I cook a meal before I go to work for all of us and aim to add at least 3 rainbow colours to the plate. I’ve actually enjoyed doing it and I know eating earlier is also good for me.

Each week I have been planning the meals for the week ahead so the shopping basket gets filled with all the right rainbow choices, and I’ve also introduced one of the quickest and easiest ways to add some rainbow love into breakfast or snack time... smoothies!

The great thing about a green or fruit smoothie is you don’t need anything fresh... you can fill the freezer with frozen fruit and veg, it is often cheaper than the fresh alternative (did you know you can even get frozen avocado?) and most Coconut Water options (that I use as liquid base) have a good fridge life! This means smoothies are also a convenient option... and they also make great ice lollies πŸ˜‹

This morning I have thrown this simple smoothie together, not only tastes great but it gives me a boost... this is a good example of pulling out the Daily Self Care Tool to keep Tool #26, that’s me, charged!!

1 Banana
2 large cubes of Frozen Kale
2 handfuls of Frozen Mixed Berries
200ml Coconut Water

....and enjoy πŸ’«

What can you add to Your Wellness Toolbox or your plate today to give yourself a boost?

(Please note; I am not a qualified nutritionist and will never advise you on the right or wrong foods to eat for you. I am just sharing what works for me to encourage you to think about what could work for you! )

Enjoy xxx