This week I have been asked to share My Wellness Toolbox for the Early Years Wellbeing week. Today I have shared Tool #9 in My Wellness Toolbox...Daily Self-Care. Reminding everyone to keep their routines updated as life changes...

Some of you may have seen this blog before… and if you haven’t or if you haven’t been using this tool, then please pay attention.

It is only when we take care of ourselves that we can effectively take care of others.

It is so easy to forget to care for the person that looks back at us in the mirror every day yet caring for yourself is one of the most important things you can do as a caregiver, for your physical self, mind and emotions, and of course for those you are teaching, supporting, parenting, or providing any type of care for.

Although Self Care can be a visit to a Spa for a massage, a hair or nail appointment, a weekend away with the girls/boys, an early night when you can grab the opportunity, a spontaneous run or visit to the gym, choosing to eat healthy on a Monday when you’ve over indulged at the weekend, or simply saying ‘No’ to something you really don’t want to do, it really should be so much more. Self-Care should be part of your daily routine, no matter how big or small. Everyone deserves a little daily ‘ME time’.

“Easier said than done?!” I used to think so. Then I took a step back, looked at my routine and not only started to introduce new tiny ‘ME times’ but started to appreciate the ‘ME time’ that already existed. Now I recognise it as ‘ME time’ I appreciate it so much more, I am grateful for it and that in itself, is Self-Care.

I have shared this message many times before, the key message has not changed yet some of the examples of how I ‘Daily Self-Care’ have. They have needed to. Since the last time I was here I have nearly hit burn out, the needs of my children continue to change as they grow and that brings new demands, my work activity has changed again, and life events, including a global pandemic you may be aware of, have brought unexpected and different challenges.

It is important that you continually check if your daily self-care plan is working for you, if not, don’t forget it, update it. Change your routine as your life changes.

Your Daily Self Care may look different to you depending on your lifestyle, this list is simply to give you an idea of how simple ‘ME time’ can be:

💫 BREATHE The first thing I do when my eyes open in the morning is spend a minute or two doing some conscious breathing.

🚿 SHOWER A 5-minute hot shower at the same time every morning to start my day. Just me in the shower cubicle thinking about the day ahead and putting things in order. I don’t start the day without one.

🍋 ESSENTIAL OIL A few drops of a citrus based oil or refreshing peppermint oil in the shower tray is a great way to uplift me. Or I switch the diffuser on – it only takes a minute to blend some essential oils to suit the household’s mood.

🎵 MUSIC The positive playlist is switched on before the kettle. Uplifts me. Also, a great tool to use if the kids are dragging their feet getting ready. A ‘getting ready race before the song ends’ can be good fun… and it works!!

🥘 LUNCH Vital. Everybody needs to refuel, regardless of my schedule I will always try to book at least a 30-minute lunch in my diary and step away from anything ‘work’ for that time. This re-sets me for the afternoon.

🍳 COOKING I really enjoy standing alone in the kitchen creating something for dinner. Just me, a chopping board and the ingredients for a Thai curry can be very therapeutic. Unwinds me.

📱 DIGITAL DETOX I aim to leave my phone switched off (or in another room) and all the social media feeds that absorb it for at least 1 hour a day… no scrolling, no checking. Switches me off from the media.

😊 ME DATES I book at least one ‘Me Date’ in the diary per week as if it is a social event to give ‘me’ some quality time. So far this week I have booked in a Reiki Therapy session and a Walk ‘n’ Talk with a good friend.

🙏🏻 THANK YOU No matter the day that has gone before, each night before I go to sleep, I say Thank You for 3 positive things that have happened that day. Even if it is as simple as “Thank You for the hot shower I had this morning”. Ending the day on a positive note. Closes the day for me.

🧘🏼‍♀️ GUIDED MEDITATION I try to use this tool at least three times per week. I choose a ‘sleep’ guided meditation on YouTube and let the words soothe me to sleep.

...all are things you may already do or that can be slotted into even the busiest schedules.

Fill up Your Wellness Toolbox and look after YOU. EVERYDAY. It is important. You are important.

Have a wonderful day,

Ali xx

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