Yesterday was the Woman Who Finalist interview day at Coombe Abbey Hotel. 

I feel very blessed to be a finalist in the Women Who Writes category and I feel lucky that my business partner Laura Moss in Inspire and Connect is also a finalist, in the Women Who Networks category... we actually got to spend a very rare full day together, connecting with each other and so many other inspiring and incredible women in the fabulous Women Who community founded by Sandra Garlick MBE.

My Wellness Toolbox was very handy and also got a recharge. Nerves came up (naturally) and I was full of self-doubt within minutes of leaving the interview room (also human) yet I know that no matter the outcome it is the right one for me. I have also added a few new tool #14s (positive people) to my toolbox.

An empowering day, we were smiling as we walked to our cars, celebrating a great day. So even I was surpised that as I drove out of the car park the tears started to fall. I wasn’t quite sure why (it wasn’t the Smooth Radio songs although they tried hard). I now know to let the tears flow rather than hold them back as we were born with Tool #28 crying for a reason. A mix of many things I’m sure.

Sharing your story, putting yourself in the spotlight, finding the confidence to celebrate your successes and being vulnerable infront of a panel of judges is an incredible achievement, never underestimate it. To all the women who were interviewed yesterday, you really are winners already and I’m excited to meet you all again at the awards in July. Good luck everybody.