Where does the time go? I can’t believe the @womanwho awards was 2 weeks ago when I was announced as the winner of the Woman Who writes category 💥

This is what the judges had to say:

“Ali used her turbulent personal journey to write about the power tools that helped her tackle mental health challenges. Her first book became a springboard for Ali to share her vision for everyone to have their own Wellness Toolbox. Her second book opened up multiple opportunities for Ali to reach more people and help her wider community, including @heroeshampers . Through her books, articles, blogs, and radio show, Ali shares her lived experiences of overcoming mental illness to connect with her audience and empower women to create a more positive and fulfilling life”

I was so proud to read these words as they completely got me… they understood my why and my vision… and it also means my judges interview didn’t go as badly as I thought 😂😅🫣

If you would like support to live a more positive and empowering life there are so many ways you can connect with me to discover ‘Your Wellness Toolbox’…

⭐️ Join the free online community “Your Wellness Toolbox” (Facebook)

⭐️ Purchase the books ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ (No1) and ‘Your Wellness Toolbox’ (No2)

⭐️ Book a Reiki appointment - face to face or remote

⭐️ Listen to the @takeaseat_therapy podcast on Spotify. Each month I talk to different integrated therapists, alternative therapists about the different tools and services that are available for mental illness and mental health

⭐️ Work with me 121 - I am a qualified wellness coach & mentor. More info is on my website.

No matter your situation, budget or time… you can discover Your Wellness Toolbox and improve your day to day ❤️