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Ali is the Author or My Wellness Toolbox (2018) and Your Wellness Toolbox (due for release January 2021). She is also a guest writer and blogger for other publications. 

My Wellness Toolbox 

My Wellness Toolbox is an innovative and amusing guide on how author and real-life example, Alison Swift, learned to cope and overcome her crippling anxiety. Contained within the book are 26 tools Alison has collected along the highs and lows of her journey. These include: Water, Daily Self Care, NO, Gratitude, and Affirmations.  

These (largely free) tools are tried, tested and still proven daily by Alison and others, from simple everyday worriers to those dealing with serious anxiety and depression, and are discussed in each chapter in a colloquial tone that helps build an encouraging rapport between Alison and her reader. Although Alison’s toolbox may be slightly different to yours, she hopes this will be a launchpad that will propel the reader into a changed and better life. Readers who are battling with their own mental health challenges, as well as those interested in affecting a more positive outlook, will enjoy this humorous guide with its surprisingly powerful tools.

Paperback - The Paperback book can be purchased directly from Alison by clicking here.

Alternatively it can be purchased from Troubador, Amazon and other popular Book retailers worldwide.

E-Book - The E-Book is available to purchase from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and other popular E-Book retailers. Links to Amazon and Apple stores are below.

Audiobook - Thanks to the kindness of Solihull Radio there is also an Audiobook version available. This can be purchased by clicking here


Coming Soon... Release Date January 2021

Your Wellness Toolbox 

Following the success of her debut and award-winning book ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ (2018), in which she shared 26 tools that helped her manage and overcome crippling anxiety, Ali Swift now presents the sequel, Your Wellness Toolbox.

 A perceptive and supportive self-help guide, this includes yet more tools to inspire and motivate you to self-care and build your self-worth. Discover the sets of tools that can support you in different scenarios, such as holidays and hospital appointments, public and family events… and even pull out the tools that can help you ride the waves of a Global Pandemic.

Crying, Guided Meditations, Drawing & saying YES are just a few that are working for Ali! Are you ready to discover more tools that you can add to Your Wellness Toolbox?  

...look out for details on how to pre-order in November 2020