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6th January 2021 - Michael Byrne

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Trigger warning: this podcast includes discussion of violence and suicide

Ali chats to Michael Byrne, the Founder of LETs (Lived Experience Trauma Support Ltd) and bestselling author of ‘Don’t Believe Your Brain’ - the book that actually helped Ali on her own mental health journey last year. 

Michael established LETs after overcoming many incredible traumatic lifetime events culminating in a Mental Health Breakdown in 2017. He was diagnosed with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He shares his story and some of the tools that supported him through recovery and to a much happier life. 


30th December 2020 - LOA Twins

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Find out how you can use the Law of Attraction and other magical tools to make 2021 your best year yet... as Ali chats to the energetic and inspiring  LOA Twins!


23rd December 2020 - Emma Sithole

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Ali chats to Emma Sithole, founder of The Recovery Foundation.

Emma shares her lived experience of living with a mental illness, they talk about the great work she does for The Recovery Foundation and they also take a look inside BE:Mag, two mental health magazines for adults and children that she launched this year with Cherished and Ordinary Magic

If you need an injection of Hope then this is the inspirational lady to take a listen to.


16th December 2020 - Jenny Critchlow

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Ali and Jenny Critchlow, founder of The Peace Gym, talk about all the incredible tools Jenny works with to help others make peace with the present time. The only way out is in.


9th December 2020 - Holistic Academy Network

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This week Ali was joined by Lisa Viccars and Helen Bertram, founders of Holistic Academy Network, a personal and professional holistic growth company aiming to help you live the life you love! They talk how science and spirituality beliefs can walk hand in hand to support your wellbeing and share holistic tools to calm you down right now!


2nd December 2020 - Samantha Coles

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Ali was joined by Samantha Coles who shares her story of why she gave up her relationship with wine this year and the positive difference it has had on her life, she is now passionate about helping others to do the same.


4th November 2020 - Aline Boblin

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Ali talks to Aline, Director of Transformation In Action CIC, who shares her own personal experiences and why she is so passionate to help other women who are negatively affected by their menopause and why she launched Menopause – Route to NHS GP, to help women get the support they need at their first port of call, to equip themselves with knowledge and information to get the right outcome they deserve from the NHS. 


28th October 2020 - Jennie Spain

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Ali is joined by Jennie Spain, Cognitive Behavioural Psychological Therapist and founder of CBT for YOU. Jennie has worked for 25 years in mental health services in the NHS and in Private Practice. She has a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
Jennie chats to Ali about CBT and ACT  and will be explaining how these therapies can benefit you or a loved one if struggling with any mental health concerns or issues such as anxiety disorder, depression or self-esteem issues.


21st October 2020 - Sil Sirens Silhillians RUFC

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Ali chats to 3 team members of the Sil Sirens Silhillians RUFC - Rachel, Emma and Beth. 

The ladies share their personal stories of what led them to play Rugby and how it has supported both their physical and mental health, they talk Women in Rugby and so much more, and they also added some great music to the positive playlist


14th October 2020 - John Connolly

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Ali chats to Josh Connolly, one of the UK’s most influential mental health advocates. Josh shares his story and experiences of childhood trauma, overcoming alcoholism and how acknowledgment of events and emotions is one of the most powerful things we can do for our own mental health and emotional wellbeing.


7th October 2020 - Holly Matthews

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Former BBC actress, Self Development Coach and founder of The Happy Me Project is returns to The Wellness Wednesday Show this week to have a catch up with Ali.
In January, Holly chatted to Ali about her experiences with grief following the loss of her husband, best-friend and father of her two girls, Ross, who died of brain cancer in 2017.
This week Holly tells us how her family got through lockdown, the challenges they are facing as they try to return to some normality, and she will also be encouraging you to join her 3 day challenge to “Screw Anxiety”!


Gulshen Bano

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Wow! Gulshen Bano of Strike Back Self Defence for Women shared her story on The Wellness Wednesday Show today. What an inspiration.
A pharmacist for 20 years, Gulshen explains why a life changing, terminal cancer diagnosis, whilst pregnant with her second child, led her to explore alternative and complementary therapies... and a healthier lifestyle.
Cupping Therapy, Krav Maga Self Defence and an incredible mindset changed her life... and her career!


Josie Williamson & Rich Kirby

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Today we talked about the stigma of mental health in sport, how we can help ourselves through curves of change and why our own self belief plays such a huge part in physical and mental rehabilitation.
Thank You Josie Williamson & Rich Kirby Elite Performance for sharing your stories and talking tools.


Suneta Bagri

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Ali & Suneta Bagri talk about the challenges Teachers are facing right now and they talk tools for Your Teachers Wellness Toolbox.
If you are a teacher or know a teacher that would benefit from some self-care tools then this is the show for you.

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Ali’s guest this Wednesday is Laura Moss, founder of Inspire and Connect Networking, as well as cofounder of an accountancy business she runs with her stepfather.
Laura will be talking about her experience setting up her own business and the adapting that she, like many of us, has had to face due to the global pandemic. Laura’s business has been integral on her path to self discovery and she shares her story and her hopes for the future of both of her businesses.


2nd September 2020 - Natalie Scarlett

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Natalie founded The Black Heritage Support Service in June as a means of supporting the black community during the pandemic. Black people are four times more likely to die from Covid-19 or any other pandemic due to a number of reasons, amounting from socio-economic circumstances, institutional racism and pre-existing health conditions. The Black Heritage Support Service aims to implement support mechanisms within the community to tackle this disproportionate figure.


Sara Fernandes

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This week is all about Mental Health in Motherhood, as Ali welcomes Sara Fernandes for the Wellness Wednesday Show.
Sara is a holistic therapist, emotional healer and motherhood mentor who set up Only Human Therapy to support mothers emotionally and mentally using 1:1 Therapy, Group programmes, Workshops and Retreats.


2020 - Jennifer Emery

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This week Ali is joined by Jen, founder of The Dance Club At Home.
Having taught in excess of 120,000 women and men dance fitness and worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years to improve their nutrition, fitness and mindset, Jen will be sharing her story of how she struggled after the birth of her children and how regular exercise helped heal her body and mind.
Jen's going to share some of her best tips and techniques and how you can start feeling better today.


Avnita Suri

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Ali is joined by Avnita Suri, Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach and META-Health Master Practitioner.
Following her own personal experience with chronic back pain, Avnita now helps others overcome chronic pain. She uses mind body healing techniques that challenge limiting beliefs, repetitive thought patterns, repressed emotions and relieve trauma which is very effective in stopping pain permanently or dramatically reducing it.


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Angie Freel, founder of Cogs, a community offering self development fast food, runs online self development book clubs for adults and children.
After a 10 year long self development journey and a severe bout of anxiety, Angie aims to help others to overcome their struggles by helping them build self development into their lives quickly and easily, so whatever your time constraints or responsibilities you too can overcome your struggles and develop a more joyful life.



31st July 2020 - Sarah Meharg

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Sarah Meharg is an Award winning occupational therapist and personal trainer. After a successful career as an occupational therapist, NHS manager and student wellbeing coordinator, Sarah set up MoodLifter to support individuals and companies in improving mental and physical health through physical exercise. Sarah will lift your mood!


22nd July 2020 - Selflove Panel

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Ali is joined by a fabulous panel of Women in Business for a Summer Love Special; together they encourage us to pull out the Self Love tools and fall in love with ourselves this Summer.

Asha Adutwim is the founder of Asha Amour, a Self-Love and Divine Power Transformational Therapist.

Mel Wakeman is a passionate anti-diet nutritionist. She runs her virtual coaching business Wakeman Nutrition.

Anya Pendulbury is Owner and Editor of Sofya Style Magazine for women and girls and a radio presenter. 


14th July 2020 - Fay Smith

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Fay Smith, Solihull entrepreneur & owner of House of Hair Hostess bravely shares some of her life story. At 52 she discovered who her biological Father is, but he refused to meet her. Fay has found a way to deal with this and now trusts her own inner voice more than ever. She wants to inspire others to do the same. Open, Honest & Direct, Fay brings great energy to the show.


7th July 2020 - Tristan Lee

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Ali is joined by Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach, a Health and Wellness Expert.

Tristan shares his experiences that took him from rehab in South Africa following a nervous breakdown to helping, inspiring and empowering thousands of people all over the world to age gorgeously and live the lives they truly deserve.


1st July 2020 - Mel Wakeman

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Ali talks nutrition & body confidence tools with Mel Wakeman.

Anti-diet nutritionist and Owner of Wakeman nutrition, a virtual coaching business. Mel chats about how she believes your health and self-worth can’t be measured by BMI or bathroom scales.

She also guides us to let go of eating rules and external expectations, to plug back into our own intuition and listen to our own bodies to meet its needs. That’s where better emotional and physical health lies.

Mel also adds the funniest song to the positive playlist.


24th June 2020 - Emma Hunter

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Ali chats to Emma Hunter from Carers Trust Solihull.

The Carers Trust has 130 centres across the UK and had been established for over 10 years. They provide support, information and advice for unpaid carers and raise awareness for carers valuable contribution to our local community.

Emma talks about the work that they do and how you can get involved and help out.

Date: 18/6/20

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An Evening of Relaxation - Guided Meditation.

Ali is joined by Tania Taylor.

Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist to bring you an evening of relaxation. They talk about the benefits of Hypnotherapy and other relaxation tools on your wellbeing, create a Peaceful playlist for you and Tania also delivers a guided meditation to help you relax at the end of the day. This is one to listen to time and time again.

Date: 17/6/20

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Ali is joined by Gregory Weston, Business development executive, NHS Volunteer and mental health advocate.

In 2011 Greg sustained a life changing brain injury when he fell and hit his head following a night out with friends. Greg shares his story and his road through recovery, he tells us why being an NHS volunteer is so rewarding and he also hands over some great song choices for the positive playlist.

Date: 10/6/20

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Ali is chatting to Katie Washbourne & Michelle O'Connor from Ordinary Magic, a none profit Children's Mental Health & Wellbeing Service in Solihull. They will be telling us all about the great work they do to support children and families who have faced trauma, sharing tools for your children's mental health and adding some fun songs to the positive playlist.

Date: 3/6/20

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Ali is joined by Tammy Rolfe, Author, Speaker , Coach & mum, is the owner of The Motivated Mummies. Having worked alongside Tony Robbins, and trained in his methods, Tammy has helped transform thousands of lives!

Tammy spent over 20 years suffering with severe anxiety, social phobia and depression, but now enjoys the freedom of her own transformation.

It is because of this Tammy dedicated her life to helping mothers to improve their confidence, and discover their own fulfilment, so they can be the best role model for their children. She now helps busy working mums turn their businesses from hobbies to a profitable career learning to turn fear into action.

Date: 27/5/20

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Ali chats to Lee Jones (Chairman) & Jim Roper (Commercial Lead) of Silhillians RUFC for this extended show.

4 years ago Lee sustained a catastrophic Rugby injury that has left him paralysed from the chest down.

Lee shares his incredible story. Jim gives us his thoughts and insight as he watches Lees motivational recovery. We cover so much more, there is lots of Rugby banter and they both update the positive playlist.

Date: 20/5/20


Ali is talking tools with Kate Moxley, founder of Wellness for all.

Kate combines her personal lived experience of mental health issues, her role as a mental health first England instructor along with her background in education to raise awareness of mental health and connect people.

They chat about the tools they have been calling upon as they navigate through the Covid-19 waves and update the positive playlist.

Date: 13/5/20


Ali chats to Laura B Fitness Coach & Mentor and Author about fitness, body confidence and self-love.

Laura talks openly about how her husbands experience with chronic pain, that led to the amputation of his lower leg, motivated her to take action to improve her own physical and mental health. This ultimately led her to discover what self-love really means, she now helps others to do the same.

Date: 6/5/20


Ali is joined by  Hannah Poulton of HLP Therapy. A Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist & Scar Therapist, Hannah will be sharing her own personal story of recovery from multiple surgeries and explaining why these therapies can be so beneficial for both our physical and mental health.

Date: 29/4/20


After a short isolating break, Ali is delighted to be back online to host The Wellness Wednesday Show....

Ali chats to Aoife, a very inspiring 20-something, teacher and blogger ( who was diagnosed with chronic bladder failure at the age of 16. Aoife will be sharing her story and the challenges she has faced living with an invisible disability. We will discuss the tools she has called upon to build her resilience and positive mindset and as always the positive playlist will be updated with a few of Aoife’s favourite songs.

Date: 25/3/20


Ali and the Two Blonde Brummies Kate & Ava become Three Blonde Brummies for an hour.

Nothing is taboo as they talk mental health, wellness tools (and lots of them!), have a giggle and add some more fab songs to the positive playlist.

Date: 18/3/20


Positive Playlist for Spring

Ali and fellow Solihull Radio Presenter Julie Ann Bensley update the Solihull Radio Positive Playlist and talk about why the sings were chosen by their guests on The Wellness Wednesday Show and The Youth Project 

Date: 11/3/20


Co-founder of MIBA (Mums In Business Association) Estelle Keeber chats to Ali about her experiences with depression since she was a teenager, domestic abuse and hitting rock bottom. She shares the tools in her Wellness Toolbox that not only help her manage day to day but led her to change her life around, launch her own photography business that ultimately led her to co-launch the fastest growing network that has helped thousands of women not only grow their business but develop personally too.

Date: 4/3/20


Ali is joined in the studio by Physiotherapist with Leila Holmes, they talk the importance of physical and emotional rehabilitation after an injury and more specifically following the birth of a baby.  Leila shares more power tools and adds to the positive playlist.

Date: 26/2/20


Ali talks to Life Architect Coach & Children’s Mental Health Author Kerry Hearsay about her mis-diagnosis of Bi-polar 20 years ago and the impact this has had on her life, they talk mental health triggers and tools, we find out more about the fantastic children’s books Kerry has written to help children understand mental health and more great songs are added to the positive playlist.

Date: 19/2/20


Ali & Reiki Master Jackie Breen talk about the benefits of Reiki Therapy on your mental and physical health, they share their personal Reiki experiences and Jackie has added some powerful songs to the Positive Playlist

Date: 12/2/20


Ali chats to Professional Photographer Hannah Martinig, who specialises in Body Confidence shoots, they discuss Ali’s experience in Hannahs studio last week and Hannah opens up about her experiences with depression and the life events that triggered them, including an abusive relationship.

Date: 5/2/20


Ali talks tools with Dr Lizzy Bernthal, former Army Health Professional and now Empowerment coach.

Lizzy shares her tips to motivate you in the morning and switch your mindset on the negative days.

They suck lemons, 54321 it and some more great songs get added to the positive playlist.

Date: 29/1/20


Ali and former professional footballer Martin Pemberton explore his Wellness Recovery Action Programme called ‘Just 1to11 it’ that he developed through his own experiences of suicidal thoughts, depression & anxiety. It's a coping mechanism & constant assessment toolkit based on a football philosophy. Football is the theme he uses but it can be individualised for each person and covers all areas of life. Martin also adds some great songs to the Positive Playlist...

Date: 22/1/20


This week Ali talks fitness tools with Personal Trainer Frank Sinclair (Fit with Frank), he gives tips on how he switches off from Social Media and the songs he adds to the positive playlist will get you moving!

Date: 15/1/20


Ali is joined by Life Coach Caroline Gibbs who honestly shares her personal experience with alcoholism and recovery. They talk tools and Caroline adds her song choices to the Positive Playlist. 

Date: 8/1/20


Ali and Holly Matthews former actress and founder of The Happy Me project talk about Grief

Holly shares how she found a way to handle her grief in a positive way following the death of her husband, they talk self development tools and as always more songs have been added to the Positive Playlist.

Date: 20/12/19


Positive Playlist December 2019

Here is the current episode of the Positive Playlist from Ali Swift. Listen at leisure.

Date: 18/12/19


Ali chats to Glenn Mantle about his experiences living with Health Anxiety for over 20 years. 

Date: 11/12/19


Ali is joined by Katey Moxley founder of Wellness for All and Solihull Radio Presenters, Adrian Cotterill and Julie Anne Bensley to talk about the wellness tools they will be pulling out for Christmas to support any mental health challenges the festive period can bring. 

Date: 4/12/19


This week Ali is joined by Claire Cross Fitness & Wellbeing Coach, they discuss how making small and simple changes to lifestyle can improve your wellbeing and make you feel good... and lots more tools for Your Wellness toolbox

Date: 27/11/19


Today Ali was joined by Victoria Obermaier founder of the from Fearful to Fearless Career Mentorship programme - they talk tools, get grateful and Victoria invites you to join a 7 day challenge starting 6th December...

Date: 20/11/19


Ali and Liz Stanford owner of the The Calm Birth School talk about Post Natal Depression and the challenges of parenthood.

Date: 13/11/19


On this weeks show Ali shares more of the power tools for your wellness toolbox, shares your Random Act of Kindness stories and boosts the positive playlist...

Date: 6/11/19


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